More on the Obama/Katrina Aspect to the Gulf/Louisiana Oil Spill

by the Left Coast Rebel

Rush on the BP Obama-Katrina oil slick yesterday:

One thing that I agree with Rush on regarding the BP, Gulf of Mexico oil spill is the suspect timing of it all. As many of you know, nothing in the Obama p.r. machine White House happens by accident. How coincidental that the Deepwater Horizon would blow up, the administration would drag it's feet (ie. Katrina) and then declare the end to the offshore drilling plans that probably never existed in the first place.

Mark my words, the Obama administration has mishandled and worsened the oil spill situation. As noted in the tone of the NYT piece, "Shadow of Hurricane Katrina....," Obama has yet to come out with populist guns 'ablazing at BP. I bet that is coming.

My conspiratorial 'feelers' are off the charts, needless to say. Also-reads at Memeorandum on this story:

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UPDATED: Per the Huffington Post, Bill Maher slams the Obamanation for his late response:


  1. Okay, a few things.

    First of all, BP was saying "everybody relax... we have it under control" until Wednesday when suddenly they said "holy shit! this thing is leaking 5X or maybe 25X as much as we originally said!"

    So how exactly is that the fault of the administration?

    AND... seeing as conservatives scream like stuck pigs the second government sticks its nose into the business of business... it's no surprise that the admin was slow to act. But yeah... they probably should have told you people to shove it, and just stepped in.

    Now... as for conspiracy... maybe it was Obama's Kenyan overlords in conjunction with the people who brought down the twin towers?

    Or maybe it was just incompetence on the part of Haliburton?

    I'm due back on planet earth now, so have fun placing the blame where it doesn't actually lay.

  2. Well, I have been spending so many time warning about something like this trick to the nature but they don,t care. You can see my point of view in http// and too in http//
    The Us ambassador to Mexico have many speech about Cuba but he never warning Florida about oil spill to the press despite his famous look of expert in enviroment, How you can be an "expert" for a foreing countries 90 milles far from Florida in the next 50 years and you never took about what happen now and so on in Washington eigth days late mishandling the situation.

  3. Again, BP misrepresented the facts as to the actual extent of the spill. And the spill in the first place happened because the US drags its ass in regulating these things. If the rig had the cutoff valve that is required by most nations, this never would have happened.

    But who do you suppose is against further regulation? Hmmmm, lets think. Could it be conservatives?

    This is your mess. Drill baby drill. Remember that stupid line?

  4. Since Katryna to the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and before, by the US policy to he caribbean area we considered that United States by himself can not be able to garantee the safety of the Triangle Gulf of Mexico-Florida-Cuba with something more pragmatic than politicians slogan to get vctes in the Congress, probably, we pay all the duck for this behavior like a personage of the last thriller "2012" based on mayan code argument. Decades ago in my university in Cuba we saw with sadness this degrading of the nature in the caribbean area that nobody care while they can have air aconditioner and watch the life in flat tv.
    It is not a problem of a the President of United States, is a problem of the nations of the area, of the universities of the area, is a problem of the Unesco Caribbean organization to decide when and how to take action as a community. United States is "acting" like a Hollywood star and that is a mistake, we are a North America community since the geographical point of view, and we all are involved in the safesty of the area despite that a politician can think, it is science not political.

  5. Jhon we are not ignorant, BP can watch live what happens very clear under 3000 meter under the sea, we are in 2010 and, more, in the inner circle of the officials and media in Mexico,London and New York, they comment what happens before the normal people knows something about by the media, there are hundreds involved when something like that happens, a normal citizen without any degree maybe can believed that BP and his "friends" don't know since the first time,really, what happens.They take time to put the money "safe" somewhere(comodities in the market in the same way of Goldman Sachs with the housing crisis)...and then they claim for alarm with the new inversion.Don't protec BP, they don't care what happen to you as happen in the film "Wall Street".

  6. @ John - So you are telling me that Obama has no culpability here at all after dragging his feet (and the administration) for 8 days? It's too bad that Bill Maher disagrees with you - check updated above.

  7. Not saying Obama scores an A. But the feds have been on deck since the begining. And remember... BP has said they were on top of it. I thought government was the problem, not the solution.

    Conservative de-regulation is at least partially to blame here.

    As for this being Obama's Katrina... well, as soon as 1800 people are dead, and a city in ruins, and he hires his old buddy who use to run an Arabian horse association to take care of it. Yeah, maybe.

    So then... still think you should drill baby drill, or what? Or would you prefer to focus more on Obama?

  8. My point is that we are talking the issue by a political point of view inside the american way to see Washington behavior, but, at this time we need to recognized that is the system to afford this kind of disaster the nature of the failure, we need to change the system to confront disasters with a scientific goal to take action instead political or economical.
    The history demostrated that it does no matter who is in charged in the White House: the system does'nt work to garantee the safesty of the people and enviroment not only in United States, because there are another countries involved, if we can not control the oil spill. In other way, BP, is so far from the top standard in the industry of EXXON MOBIL CORP. where I am working now.I apologized if any reader disagree of my language before, I am not supporting Obama, but, for me, Obama, neither Busch with Katryna, are the nature of the problem, is the system, we need to change with a less political point of view, more technical, since the point of view of enginner instead lawmaker in the Congress... is not my point an incendiary language because we need, now, the support of everybody to fix a problem that can damage our enviroment for decades, can destroy even bussines in Florida and more, ruin the quality of life of everybody in the South of United States, is a serius problem that we can no take as a bipartisan political affaire because it can confuse the people and we need action now to support, rigth now,the governor in Lousiana with volunter and resource...


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