Lt. John W. Finn, Medal of Honor Recipient, Dead at 100

by Proof

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In October of '08, we honored Lt. John W. Finn for his valor which resulted in being awarded the Medal of Honor. Citation here. Sadly, Lt. Finn has passed away at the age of 100.

Navy Lt. John W. Finn, who received the Medal of Honor for mounting a daring counterattack on Japanese airplanes from an improvised machine gun post during the raid on Pearl Harbor, died May 27 at a veterans home in Chula Vista, Calif. No cause of death was reported.

At 100, he was the oldest surviving recipient of the nation's highest honor for valor and was among the first to receive the award during World War II.

There is a petition to honor Lt. Finn by naming the next Naval ship after him.

To sign the petition, go here.

Rest in peace, Lt. Finn.

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