Latest 'Gotcha' Moment of Rand Paul: Children of Illegal Immigrants Should not be U.S. Citizens

by the Left Coast Rebel

Rand Paul makes a lot of sense in the 12 minute interview with Russian Times. How many issues does he cover? 20? In fact, it's a good primer into Rand's train of thought and what he stands for, for the uninitiated.

Leave it to the nutroots to narrow in on his comment regarding the United State's disastrous illegal immigrant policy (and interpretation of the 14th amendment) that allows instant citizenship for babies born of illegal immigrants:

Wacky, nutroots discussion at Memeorandum


  1. LCR, they target him because they are deathly afraid of him. He is NOT a game-playing candidate and is a threat to the status quo. I ain't no Paulista and carry no water for Rand, but, unlike his father, he may gain some traction as a senator and pry open the door to the most exclusive club in the world, letting more ordinary, concerned-for-the-citizens types in.

    Tangentially and a cheap, shameless plug, LCR, pick this up and post it -- AND RECOMMEND IT TOO YOUR FRIENDS. It's a masterful web ad by the NRSC skewering The Pantload and his inaction.


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