Illinois Highland Park High School Cancels Giants Basketball Tournament in Arizona

by the Left Coast Rebel

More useful idiot, politically correct fallout from Arizona's immigration law. Earlier I was reading that the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban most city travel and future contracts with Arizona. The chicken little leftwing thinks that Arizona's business future is going to drop off the Grand Canyon cliff. I beg to differ.

Imagine when leftists in positions of power abuse that power over children.

Enter Higland Park High School's varsity basketball team the Giants (above).

Fox News has this:

Parents in Illinois are outraged over a move by a local high school to scrap its girls basketball team's trip to Arizona over the Grand Canyon State’s new immigration law.

The Highland Park High School varsity basketball team has been selling cookies for months to raise money for a tournament in Arizona..

Now, after winning their first conference

title in 26 years, the girls are being denied the opportunity to play in the tournament over safety concerns and because the trip “would not be aligned” with the school's “beliefs and values,” Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson told the Chicago Tribune.

Hebson said Arizona is off-limits, at least until it’s more clear how the state’s new law, which makes it a crime to be in the country illegally, will be enforced.

"We would want to ensure that all of our students had the opportunity to be included and be safe and be able to enjoy the experience," Hebson told the Tribune about the tournament. "We wouldn't necessarily be able to guarantee that."

Kalie Greenberg the 'unofficial' basketball team spokesman for Illinois Highland Park High School varsity basketball Giants and a fellow teammate showed up on Fox and Friends to discuss the situation. Kalie Greenberg made a great point that students from her school had visited communist China and the administrators didn't have a problem with that.

Another pathetic example of the leftwing's demagoguery and lies gone wild. We should support our high school athletes, not use them as pawns for political agendas.

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UPDATED: Sarah Palin today weighs in on this controversy via. Facebook:

This has-been ball player/Wasilla Warrior would like to send a shout out of support to the Highland Park High School Giants Girls Basketball Team in Illinois. These girls have been working, having bake sales, and saving money for months in order play in a hoop tournament in Arizona. They’ve won their school’s first conference title in 26 years, but now because a school bureaucrat – an assistant superintendent – wants to play politics, they’re not allowed to play ball.

Keeping girls off the court for political reasons? As I said last night in Illinois: “Them’s fightin’ words.”

The assistant superintendent claims that a trip to Arizona “would not be aligned with our beliefs and values.” But apparently the school has no problem sending kids on trips to China, which has a population control policy that is anti-girl in practice – contributing to female infanticide and abandonment and sex-selective abortions. So, is China – with its many serious human rights violations (too many to list here) – “aligned” with the “values and beliefs” of the school? But our sister-state of Arizona is not? Really? This is ridiculous and totally unfair to the girls who just want to play ball. Going to Arizona to play in a tournament will not endanger them, and the ban sure doesn’t solve the problem of unsecured borders.

These boycotts of Arizona will not help the state or lead to positive change. Economic and political boycotts of our nation’s 48th state will hurt all Arizonans – including all members of the Hispanic community. If people really want to help, they should tell President Obama to do his job: secure the border. If he were to do his job, the good people of Arizona, who have been overwhelmed by violence on their border, would not feel compelled to do it for him.

In the meantime, let’s help the girls “go rogue” and go play ball. Please take a look at this Facebook page set up on their behalf.

Let’s have our own bake sale! Let the girls play ball!

- Sarah Palin


  1. Welcome to government education. On the right we have three bins that we'd greatly enjoy you to utilize. One is for clothes, personal belongings and other property. One is for constitutional rights, and the last one is (apparently) for your own personal happiness.

  2. Each entity that supports boycotts of Arizona is making the same statement. They do NOT uphold the Laws of the sovereign country of the United States of America. They side with the lawless invasion of this country by people who break OUR laws by entering our country illegally.

    They are marking themselves with what equates to their own Scarlett letter. They think they are safe in numbers, but there are way more of us than there are them...and they have jumped the proverbial shark.

    Someone should be making a list of the people who support the subjugation of the American People by lawless invaders. The President took an OATH to protect us, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our domestic enemies are identifying themselves. Time for the top cop to uphold the Constitution.

  3. Oh and start teaching American Civics classes at this High School above, they apparently don't know what Country they are living and that we are governed by Laws.

    Makes me wonder if this is the school that turns out most of our lawmakers ;)

  4. Leftists in positions of power abusing that power over their political beliefs. SNAFU...
    Safety concerns and because the trip “would not be aligned” with the school's “beliefs and values...” Who's concerns and values?
    Can't guarantee the safety of the students? Is there ever 100% guarentee?
    The leftist worm doth not sleep...

  5. I do think that it is wrong to not let the girls play if they wish, but I actually attended HPHS, and the fact is that there is a good chance there is an illegal immigrant on the team. It is a very liberal area and there are always people that everyone knows are here illegally but no one really cares. I'm not trying to say whether it's right or wrong, but the administration may be looking out for a couple of their players rather than just trying to make a political statement.


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