How Does Frank Rich Get Paid for This?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Even more amazing than the slow bleeding death of many traditional press outlets is the fact that many of the characters of said press are paid a lot of money to do what they do, even when no one is listening.

Just what does Frank Rich in the New York Times smoke and how in God's name is he paid to deliver his postulating, meandering, rambling drivel? Perhaps the answer is that many liberals that read the NYT relate to postulating, meandering, rambling drivel. It is their tortured ethos insider their echo chamber skulls.

Today's tortured Rich column is no exception:

Obama was elected as a progressive antidote to this discredited brand of governance. Of all the president’s stated goals, none may be more sweeping than his desire to prove that government is not always a hapless and intrusive bureaucratic assault on taxpayers’ patience and pocketbooks, but a potential force for good.

Oh brother. Of course 'this' brand of governance is that of George W. Bush, of whom Rich describes as:

When Katrina hit, Bush was in his second term and his bumbling was not a shock to a country that had witnessed two-plus years of his grievous mismanagement of the Iraq war. His laissez-faire response to the hurricane was also consistent with his political DNA as a small-government conservative in thrall to big business.

Bush, a small government conservative? Huh? Does Rich really believe this? Bush and the GOP congress were the biggest spenders since Lyndon Johnson and abandoned any semblance of consistent small-government conservatism and gave us Obama, the logical conclusion to Bush's 'compassionate' conservatism.

Rich then meanders about to attack Rand Paul in the same piece:

Paul rightly described his victory as “a message from the Tea Party” that it was on the march “to take our government back.” And if he doesn’t represent the G.O.P., who does if not his most powerful supporters and ideological fellow travelers, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin? Aside from saying no to Obama, the Republican Party has no ideas except Tea Party ideas, Rand Paul ideas. And as The Economist, hardly a liberal observer, put it, Paul’s views are those of “a genuine radical who believes in paring government down to the bone.”

The Economist is incredibly liberal, good grief. I hope that Rich is right here though. I hope that the GOP becomes home to 'genuine radicals who believe in paring government down to the bone.' Then and only then will the Republican party fulfill it's limited government roots and perhaps save this nation from the fiscal brink.

Plus they will provide the alternative to a nation scared to death of a ''genuine radical who believes in enslaving debt, spreading the wealth and paring the productive taxpayer and future generations of productive Americans down to the bone."

Frank Rich - if he can get paid millions to write crap, why can't I?

He's not even a good writer.

Via Memeorandum.


  1. Totally reposted this in all of its glory. Thank you!

  2. That rambling diatribe made my brain hurt.

    It's amazing that Rich can take a op-ed on the Chosen One's failure in the Gulf of Mexico and turn it into an assault on W, The Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rand Paul.


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