Gary Coleman Dead of Intracranial Hemorrhage

by the Left Coast Rebel

The news of actor Gary Coleman's passing is just coming out (TMZ, WeSmirch):

Gary Coleman has died as the result of injuries he suffered earlier this week, the hospital tells TMZ.
We've learned Gary's wife, Shannon, made the decision to pull life support early this AM.

We're told Coleman died at 12:05 PM MST. He died of a intracranial hemorrhage.
Family members and close friends were at Coleman's side when life support was pulled.

He was 42.

As TMZ first reported, Coleman was rushed to a hospital in Utah after he fell and hurt his head. He was on life support since Thursday. There will be a press conference at the hospital at 3:00 PM PT.
Wikipedia describes an intercranial hemorrhage as:
An intracranial hemorrhage is a hemorrhage, or bleeding, within the skull.Intracranial bleeding occurs when a blood vessel within the skull is ruptured or leaks. It can result from physical trauma (as occurs in head injury) or nontraumatic causes (as occurs in hemorrhagic stroke) such as a ruptured aneurysm. Anticoagulant therapy, as well as disorders with blood clotting can heighten the risk that an intracranial hemorrhage will occur.

Rest in peace, Gary Coleman. Nancy Reagan on Diff'rent Strokes, a different time in America:

Believe it or not, Gary Coleman was 15 when the Different Strokes episode above was filmed in 1983.


  1. Man, this is so sad… We all grew up watching Gary Coleman in ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.
    For a Tribute and video of the Bets of Gary Coleman go to
    Whatchu’ talkin’ bout Willis… Rest in Peace Gary.

  2. sorry to hear that


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