David Horowitz Confronts MSA, UCSD Student on Hamas, Second Holocaust

by the Left Coast Rebel

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Right in my own backyard. Last night David Horowitz showed up at UCSD to counter the Muslim Students Association's (MSA) so-called Israeli Apartheid Week. Needless to say, the moonbats came out of the woodwork. Horowitz engaged a particular 'MSA' student, a young lady donning a PLO scarf. The rest, as they say, is history. Not to mention an amazingly teachable moment:

I ask you this. How is it that organizations like the MSA are roaming college campi across the nation? Would the same college campi that condone radical Muslim groups support white supremacist groups too?

Read more on this at the News Real Blog, via Memeorandum.


  1. Hey, he got her to be honest for a second!
    Not that anyone should be surprised at her answer, of course.

  2. @ Bastiatarian - Indeed my friend, indeed. Thanks for all of the comments lately too, BTW.

  3. As my daughter would say, "third degree burn". At the same time, quite scary. Are these the "moderate" muslims we hear about. Seems like they support terrorism in the name of their evil death cult, yet claim to be the speakers of freedom of speech for the "moderate" muslims of the world when in the end, they're just a bunch of terrorists wannabe's.

  4. One word sums it up: Stunning!!! I still can't fathom why so many Jews still support the Appeaser in Chief.

  5. the son of a well known Iman admitted that there is 'no' such thing as a moderate muslim just as there is no such thing as a radical...Islam is as Islam does. it's all different levels of JIHAD (but still jihad) as per the qur'an, as ordered by the pedophile himself...whether you're writing a check (zagat) weekly to the mosque (and they're MUCH more faithful regarding this pillar of Islam than christians and jews, believe me) writing a letter to the paper complaining about the 'beer' at the local pub or strapping a bomb on a nine year old, jihad is jihad. it's Islam. it's dictated by one in the same. do not be fooled. educated yourselves.


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