Best Political Ad Ever? Alabama Agrigulture Commissioner Campaign Ad

by the Left Coast Rebel

So Listen Up! Some conservative pundits are calling this the best political ad, ever. I'm not sure about that but do think it is quite awesome:

The ghost of John Wayne? Good stuff, it's too bad that Dale Peterson is runnning for Agriculture Commissioner in Alabama of all places. I guess ever candidate starts out somewhere though. Apparently this video has gone viral. Robert Stacy McCain deserves props for being the first to find it.


  1. Dale Peterson has grit! I like this guy... Sounds like a man with a spine. Not so common in politics today. sadly...

  2. Gotta love those folks over in Bama and Southern folk. Guns,gumption, and God.

  3. I can hear the loopies already: "Hate speech! Combative tone! Racist!"

    I'm not sure what Mr. Peterson's specific policies and platforms are, but based on this video, I'd want him on my team in a tough spot.

    I think I'll watch it again, just because it's so satisfying. Maybe I'll watch it in combination with Governor Christie's slapdown of that reporter.

  4. Damn straight! And just when I thought I was a bit long in tooth to have a hero....


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