Anti-Incumbency: Arlan Specter May Lose Primary


by the Left Coast Rebel

A poll released today by Quinnipiac has Arlen Specter's (D-PA) primary 'too close to call':
U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak continues his stretch run in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate primary and now trails incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter by a too-close-to-call 44 - 42 percent among likely Democratic primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Another 14 percent of Democrats are undecided, and 29 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind.

The Democratic winner is likely to face Republican Pat Toomey who holds a 60 - 9 percent lead over Peg Luksik among likely Republican primary voters.

In the Democratic primary for Governor, Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato gets 38 percent of likely voters, trailed by state Auditor General Jack Wagner with 11 percent, State Sen. Tony Williams with 10 percent and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel with 9 percent. But 32 percent remain undecided and 56 percent of those choosing a candidate say they might change their mind.
I would love to see a PA Toomey/Sestak race. Perhaps not though - I assume that Specter would be easier to beat.

Imagine the sweet justice of Specter losing his primary. Arlen Specter is simply the personification of so many ills in our political system. Shame on the GOP power structutre for ever supporting RINOs like Specter.

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  1. Anti Incumbency: Arlen Specter May Lose Primary - YES!!!! Go Pennsylvania throw, that self serving bum out on his butt.

  2. Dino, Rino, Dino again. Time to take out the trash!

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  4. Yeah, that sucks... poor thing

    And what's wrong with retirement for this fossil, anyway? Can't deflate the head enough to fit thru the exit, apparently-

    Hit the bricks, chump


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