Alabama Political Ads: Pick a Favorite

Left Coast Rebel readers:

Eric Dondero over at Libertarian Republican has a contest going over at Libertarian Republican. It's simple, choose your favorite of the following three Alabama videos and head on over to Libertarian Republican to cast your vote.

From the Libertarian Republican Editor:

We are nearly on the eve of the Alabama Republican Primaries scheduled for Tuesday. For whatever reason, Alabama Republicans have been particularly rambunctious this election cycle. At least three candidates for major offices in the State have produced wild, in-your-face style YouTube videos. All three have received an enormous amount of attention and hits nationwide.
We thought it would be fun to see which one of the three comes out on top among Republicans nationwide.
After you've viewed the three following videos, go to our sidebar and cast your vote. And tell other Republicans you know to come on over to to do the same.



Alabama, show America you mean business. All three of these guys deserve to be elected, just on the basis of their videography skills alone. -- Eric - The Management

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  1. tough group to choose from.. all great Americans. Would it be fair to say that one good thing did come from Obamas election, that great Americans will now rise up and "git er done!"?
    A shame that Dale Peterson is only running for Ag commission. I would like to see him in congress!


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