Why Republicans may back financial reform and why the left are fools

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

(LCR Ed's Note) An Ayn Rand quote encapsalates GOP 'compromise' with Democrat-Marxists:

The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.

There is an overall fatal flaw to all the left's love of government. They don't actually applaud government unreservedly as they would lead you to believe over the last two years. In truth, they have unwavering faith only when Marxists like Obama are pulling the strings, but put Dick Cheney into the oval office and suddenly the left swings into action with their denouncing the vast, unfettered 'plutocracy', a cabal of unnamed uber-rich that really runs the GOP. To follow the left's own line of thinking, the new financial reforms proposed by Obama and the Senate ought to be toxic to the far left. All it takes is a little thought experiment to route out the paradox.

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The financial reform bill hopes to move large amounts of regulatory power to the White House. Any liberal thinking that Obama will simply rule forever is as misguided as the thought that the evil GOP will never occupy the White House again. If you are one that truly aspires to the idea that the plutocracy rules in America, then you can see the danger in this move. A GOP president, with nearly limitless power over the financial industry and supposed bankers pulling the strings, the writing on the wall reads something along the lines of "Senate finance bill = infrastructure for GOP theocratic-plutocracy takeover."

It is unfortunate that the lunacy of the left is so selective. That it so narrowly opposes everything the GOP wants with the stigma of Wall Street's lap dogs. All it would take for leftwing revelation is 1. GOP support for reform and 2. the Republican leadership to back Cheney's candidacy for President. Well, 1 has already happened, does the left really need number 2?

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The left in this country could really use a class on "lessons learned by conservatives." During the last eight years of G W Bush, conservatives often blindly allowed the oval office to expand and consolidate White House power. Why? Because many of us agreed with Bush's social agenda and therefore overlooked his abysmal economic policies, only to be appalled in the end to see how that amassed power was being used by the left. The lesson we learned? Don't centralize anything that you don't trust the other side to run once you are out of power.

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To the loonies on the left:

Can you imagine health care in the hands of Karl Rove now that Obama has centralized health care insurance coverage under the white house and moved to create government health care efficiency boards that have the right to collect information from your medical records? Can you see Dick Cheney properly regulating his best buds on Wall Street? Can you see Jeb Bush running the union businesses like the car companies?

If you shudder at these possibilities, then maybe you might want to rethink your support on all of Obama's sweeping policies. Whether or not you think the left is going to rule for forty years is irrelevant, because one day the political tables will turn as they always have. The critical question is, "what infrastructures are you establishing now that could be used maliciously against you in the future?"

I myself have reservations about the possibilities of what this new regulatory power founded by 'finance reform' bill could mean in the hands of the GOP. If I have concerns, surely the left should be out calling some Democrat in congress a racist. So far, crickets on 'financial reform.'

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  1. What do they know that we don't? If the GOP does gain control this fall... will things change? Or are we on the "two steps forward" (Democrats in power) "one step back" (GOP's turn)... towards what will end up as "Plantation Nation"… where a permanent ruling elite officially “anointed” live in the “Mansion on the Hill” and us "lessers" survive on a rationed subsistence in the "Mud Hut". Will the GOP really reverse nationalized healthcare, rationed energy… so-called “financial reform” and opressive taxes, or will there be just a pause (to calm the angry masses) in an inexorable march toward tyranny?

  2. I appreciate the way you are adept at using the 'snark on/off' button. These days I seem to have lost my 'snark off' button altogether.


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