BUMPED April 14, 2010 Boston Tea Party Express Rally at Boston Common Updated with Pictures, Updated Again - VIDEO Screenshots Leftist USW Activists

by the Left Coast Rebel

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I caught a snippet earlier on Fox News that the Tea Party Express bus had pulled into the location of the Boston Tea Party of April 14, 2010. Right Scoop scooped up Sarah Palin's speech from just minutes ago at the Boston Tea Party rally:

Look for updates with pictures and more videos here at LCR, coming right up! Also, if you plan on attending the Boston Tea Party Express rally today, April 14 - keep a look out for this guy:


Jammie Wearing Fool caught this tweet. The guy's name is Andrew Hendricks and he thinks that it's cute to call Tea Party activists at today's Boston Tea Party 'retards.' Perhaps he plans on pulling some kind of stunt and then watching in glee as the press pins the tail on the Tea Part donkey. Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool we have a picture of the guy for all of you to disseminate:

Heck, if you are going to the Boston Tea Party today, print this thing out. Perhaps with his Twitter quote next to his mug? Check out Jammie Wearing Fool for the rest of the details. Also reads this morning:

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Rasmussen: Tea Party Profile: Many Ways to Describe a Movement

Washington Examiner: President Ron Paul? (ignore the 'fringe' comment in the piece, more on this later at LCR)

Temple of Mut: DEM Congressman to Blue Dogs: GO AWAY! I say: NO WAY!

UPDATED: AP has this on Palin's speech this morning:
BOSTON – Sarah Palin rallied the tea party movement near its historical roots with a pre-Tax Day message, telling Washington politicians that government should be working for the people, not the other way around.

Addressing roughly 5,000 people assembled in the morning sunshine near the site of the original Boston Tea Party, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee accused President Barack Obama of overreaching with his $787 billion stimulus program and criticized the administration's health care, student loan and financial regulatory overhauls.

"Is this what their `change' is all about?" Palin asked the crowd on Boston Common. "I want to tell 'em, nah, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion — and you can keep the change.

UPDATED x2: WMassRepub via Twitter is live at the event and taking pictures with her Blackberry:

boston tea partiers 1

boston tea partiers 2

boston tea partiers 3

UPDATED x3: Via Twitter, Bostonian PsstErika is at the rally as well:

boston tea partiers 5

boston tea partiers 4

UPDATED x4: Alex Copulsky from Harvard Political Review attended today's Boston Tea Party and attempted to write up a hit/smear piece on it. What he actually does is make a significant admission:

It was very evident who the Tea Partiers were, namely old white people wearing American flag apparel. This being Boston, however, roughly a quarter of the attendees were liberals like myself who had just come to check out the scene; or to troll. My favorite was the dirty hippie carrying a massive sign saying “Fake America Welcomes You, Sarah”. He was chill.

UPDATED x5: More discussion at Memeorandum via a Politico article, Sarah Palin Throws Boston Tea Party.

Also, dispelling the mainstream press racist-smear notion, one grandma at a time. Via. Twitter, MAfreedom:


Also, MAfreedom spotted several Tea Party Infil-Traitors, I love that one has a mask that makes him look like a...well, you be the judge:

infil traitors

Another of the same bunch:

anti tea party 2

MAfreedom mentioned that the anti-Tea Party Infil-Traitors didn't clearly wanted to avoid him:

anti tea party 1

Also, reader Geri M. in Texas passed along a shot of another Infil-Traitor. Is he also one of the Infil-Traitors spotlighted above?:

Also, a good guy - perhaps the costume of the day?:

MA pirate

UPDATED x6: In the mail from Tea Party Express, aerial footage from WCVBtv of the crowd at the Boston Tea Party. Here's a screen shot of the un-embeddable Youtube video:


As CNN would say, 'dozens, perhaps hundreds of people' are clearly seen above. Amazing to think of a crowd this size during work hours, no-less. Also, from Tea Party Express, a shot from the stage at today's Boston event:


UPDATED x7: Now here is some (in) civility for you. I was going through Youtube user GarretQuinn3000's videos of the Boston Tea Party and found his taping of a radical leftist group disrupting the peaceful event:

I screen shot one of the signs:

leftist group boston

Not so subtle, eh? "You're Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Tea Party Bigots, Go Away!" If this is the left's idea of infiltrating the Tea Party movement then I don't think we have anything to worry about. The group has a site - www.bailoutpeople.org. Readers - are you familiar with this group? After perusing the site it looks like an SEIU/union thug/ACORN type outfit. (Editor's note: a commenter fills us in -Bail Out the People is a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Worker's World party.)

I did some more screen shots. First the Asian girl with the audio device at the beginning of the video that is screaming about Sarah Palin. Ironically she screams about 'someone pushing her' while her USW union thugs push through the crowd. The guy in the jean jacket is bouncing around so violently that he even looks like he is throwing punches. (Editor's correction - the guy in the jean jacket is actually a Palin supporter and is agitating the group by yelling, "I love Sarah!") I couldn't tell what her sign says other than "Abortion is Health Care &....":

USW thugs asian girl

She is flanked by USW (updated via. Gateway Pundit, United Steelworkers of America, Local 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers, nice!) union thugs. You can clearly see "USW Taskforce" on their yellow shirts:

USW thugs

Asian girl, union thug that is chanting, "...Sarah Palin go away....where are the news cameras?" She might as well say, "where are my friends at CNN, NBC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, MSNBC...":

union thug asian girl

Also, how did I miss this? A reader spotted the Asian thug-girl's backpack. Anything strike you as out of the ordinary?

asian girl backpack

How about a little closer?:

asian girl backpack2

Real nice, right? Don't you love how decent and civil the communist-left is? More on the jean jacket (I love Sarah!), guy. This guy has stones!:

jean jacket guy

Also, I googled USW + Boston Tea Party and found that the International Action Center organized this bunch:

IAC Boston

Talk about astroturf! Of course we won't hear a peep from the main stream press on this.

UPDATED x8: Here's an interesting one. A businessman (affiliated with the Coffee Party?) argues with a libertarian. Note that he thinks that it is unfair to label liberals as 'big government' proponents but then he spouts off just why big government is necessary and great!:


  1. Isn't it amazing how easily Lefties throw around the "politically incorrect" verbiage when it fits their needs?

  2. The Guy in the jean jacket was yelling to counter the Union thugs. "I Love Sarah" As all he had was his voice to counter their megaphone he had to get into it. No fists would of came from him only from the union thugs when he is winning in drowning them out

  3. As always ... When you're looking for thugs on the left, Look for the Union Label

  4. Great pictures and updates.

    The Common looks like it has a good crowd going, at least 10K in the main crowd and who knows how
    many are milling around on the hills.

  5. Reminder to all: If you're standing in the middle of a crowd and a union thug pushes you out of the way, there could be legal remedies (both civil and criminal). And even if a thug lifts a fist as if he's going to punch you, it could be the tort of assault under the right circumstances.

    Don't let these people put fear in you. This is why we have laws.

  6. That guy holding a sign saying he's a teabagger - Well I call anti-teaparty people, teabaggers, I quess he is right!

  7. I was there. The little asian lesbo girl was everywhere. Had to admire her strength of commitment even tho she doesnt know what shes talking about.

  8. I see people with REAL hope! and a few kool-aid drinkers...

  9. Bail Out the People is a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Worker's World party.

  10. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Trevor - Thank your, you are correct.

    Salesjerk - Indeed.

    Chris - Have you been there?

    AG - Good advice!

    GOW - Indeed, throw it right back at them.

    Frank - Frightening, isn't it? Imagine if she were so energetic for liberty?

    John - Yup.

    MDoda - Thanks for that! Do you have a link?

  11. Technically, they are a front for the International Action Center, which is a front for the Worker's World party.
    All of their contact information for various local offices is the same, too.

    Being one of those no-good anarchists who is well aware of the history of how the authoritarian left has dealt with their anarchist problems in the past, and wants nothing to do with them. It's never a bad idea to keep up with their front groups.

    They are mostly irrelevant, barring whatever trusts were set up for them by guilty socialites in the 30s and 40s and pestering you to buy their newspaper. They do manage to trick some people, like the union folks in these pictures. The unions reject radicals of all stripes, a policy which ensured their survival through the Cold War. They live in fear of RICO suits and their legal departments keep them from endorsing any kind of rally that isn't a Democratic campaign event.
    Here in Pittsburgh, during the G-20, the unions joined with the politicians and businesses who brought the summit to town in the first place. They are nothing like the creature they were in the 1890s, there would still be US manufacturing jobs if they were.

    Bailout the People tried to dominate the G-20 protest organizing, the way they always do.


    Here is an anarchist guide to the authoritarian left:

  12. What...no one got a screenshot of the Asian chick's backpack? Oh yes, it's quite "civil".

  13. And now for an alternate point of view....
    I was there on the Boston Common too. Mostly white men, 50 Years or older, loaded up with signs mostly that attempt to delegitimize the President (socialist, hitler, yaddayaddayadda), etc. As I at least fit that physical & age description, maybe the vitriol I got for holding my "Lie, baby, Lie" sign against Palin was an expectation that I should be one of them. Maybe I'm guilty of wishful thinking, but the NYT/CBS poll last week of the Tea Party has put this overblown movement in its proper perspective for me: http://the-yeoman-observer.blogspot.com/2010/04/tea-partiers-are-well-what-they-are.html

  14. Let's see, in '60s terms you guys have about a year-and-a-half left. Right now it's about 1968 for y'all, and that ain't good.


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