Barney Frank Incites Gay Activist Vets to Handcuff Selves to White House Fence

by the Left Coast Rebel

I couldn't be happier. Yesterday the Obamanation was heckled and shouted down in Los Angeles by "Get Equal" gay activists. He rebuked them and seemed angry and parental. Also, above that, I love to see the Obamanation campaigning for Barbara Boxer since he is, what - 0 for 5 now and soon to 0-6 for those that he campaigns for?

Moving along, it seems that poor 'ol Obama can't get a break from these gay rights group identity folks, "Get Equal" got equal (and even) and today chained themselves to the White House gate!

It's too easy to take note of the hypocrisy and idiocy of the left. The overlapping ridiclulous double standard themes are screaming-prevalent in this story. First you have Americablog Gay with this:

america bloggay
Hmm. "The President is no longer helping get Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed this year, even though he promised to do so in his State of the Union. So the gays are finally fighting back."

If this same antic were executed by a group of anti-tax Tea Partiers the press and White House would be callong it 'inciting violence,' 'raaaacism' and 'right wing extremism.'

With this incident - ***crickets***

It seems that the Vets that handcuffed themselves are part of the same bunch that heckled the Obamanation at Barbara Boxer's rally. Dig a little deeper though and you will find that they were incited by a particular congressman. Oh yah, everyone's favorite guy - Barney Frank. "Get Equal" activists are citing this:

Key Points:
Now we hear that the President isn't for repeal this year, and that Barney Frank is frustrated and disappointed with the administration on DADT. This is really terrible news. It means the White House has turned its back on its own promises to our community.

Remember, we are in serious danger of losing the House this November.

This person admits that the Democrat-statists may lose the House, too! Interesting. Another jarring lib-hypocrisy moment came into full view today as well. This one has to do with the press.

You see, as gay vets chained themselves heroically to the White House gate, the Secret Service and police pushed reporters away where (I assume), they were covering the protest. Anyway the reporters don't appreciate being shepherded away from the White House along with the sheeple they despise, via Ben Smith, (just take note of what the reporter/producer whatever-the-heck-he-is says at 0:06 and 2:40 on the needle):

No, you idiot - you are not above 'the public' that you despise and scorn. Also, being a 'useful idiot' to a regime that cares less about the will of the people leaves you being the latter and not the former, once your 'usefulness' is gone.

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  1. Cool. LCR. I saw the vid a bit ago, and was so thrilled to see how Obama is turning on the ones who helped elected him. It's priceless to see how stunned the lapdog was when he was kicked to the curb by his master. (Apologies to doggies everywhere, of course).

    The comments on Smiths' piece are hysterical too. They are such
    whiney crybabies. You can tell they are VERY MAD at their x-messiah. Gotta luv it.

  2. And just what does that ol' horn dog Barney have in mind with these shackled vets? When a congressman's boyfriend runs a prostitution biz out of his apartment, the imagination runs wild with what Barney has hidden in his devious brain.

  3. If Boxers loses in this state, then if that doesn't signal to BO that he's a complete failure, than I don't what will. After all, Boxer losing in CA is akin to losing a bet on a one horse race. Frankly, I would be shocked if Boxer loses,despite Obama's curse, because Californians, for the most part, are the stupidest people on the planet(LCR and supporters excluded), she has the votes of every single illegal (who are you kidding? Of course they vote here and some locals are trying to actaully get it officially legalized as well as giving the vote to teenagers. I kid you not, TEENAGERS!), as well as every single vote of the invalid, out of staters, the dead, and pets. If she can't win with those votes, then Obama really is cursed.


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