Tea Party Ignored, Maligned and now Exaggerated?


by the Left Coast Rebel

The Left Coast Rebel's inception into the conservative blogging hall of fame (or shame) was a post about the "Boston Tea Party, 2009." It was my first post. Crude, cut and pasted, with a teeny amount of analysis. I wrote this:

(Rick Santelli's 'Boston Tea Party') - I like this theme, can we mobilize enough people to stop this madness? Can we make enough noise to keep the mainstream media from talking down our efforts? Could we start a new 'Sons of Liberty Movement'?

In the ensuing 1 year + 2 months I have witnessed the ascendancy of the Tea Party, limited government-tax revolt movement. The answer to the query above is a simple Yes.

Along the way the national press ignored, mis-underestimated, then when that stopped working - maligned, smeared and attacked the nascent movement. Now there are those in the political class that complain of the press' 'exaggerated importance' of the Tea Party movement.

I prefer the ignore and mis-underestimate approach.

However, I do like this from the Politico article, "The Tea Party's Exaggerated Importance":

The coverage began, notes Republican consultant Alex Castellanos, with not much more than bemused mockery: “’How amusing, the peasants are revolting’”

Now it has reached a level of worried fascination. Or, as Castellanos put it, “The peasants actually are revolting!”

This peasant raises a cup of tea in cheer of the Revolt.

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  1. Thank you for the great post. I am another of those "peasants" who despise those elitists who think they know better how to run our lives/spend our money.


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