South Park Prophet Muhammad Episode 201 Censored?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Comedy Central's "South Park" thrives on the adage, 'there's no such thing as bad press.'

Until now, so it seems.

"South Park" producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone have satirized liberals and conservatives, jews and christians, gays and groups of all stripes for years. No leaf left unturned, no group left (un)offended, no line in the sand of potty humor too.

But it took satire of 'Muhammad,' thereby the 'peaceful' religion of Islam for the duo to receive death threats. Episode 201 has been censored as a result and the 1st amendment suffers because of it. Like it or not, freedom of speech includes satire of all major religions.

Fox News' O'Reilly touched on the "South Park" episode 201 'Muhammad' scene:

I guess the townhall member in episode 201 was actually right - "If Muhammad appears in South Park, we get bombed."

Also, a parallel incident? Youtube censors the Hitler-parody videos? Check out Temple of Mut for more (love the SS-kitty graphic too, Leslie).

UPDATED: Be sure to read Right Guy's analysis on this as well.


  1. Clearly, those who threatened didn't get the "religion of peace" memo.

  2. Ireally am disappointed with Comedy Central for giving in to intamadation. I made the point on my blog that I wasn't offended when South Park depicted Jesus in a boxing match with Satan. It was actually funny and I took it for what it was-comedy. If Muslims want to live here in the land of fredmom, then they shouldn't get to live under different rules.

    This is the lnad of freedom and if they have a problems with it, then move back to where they came from. It's as simple as that.
    The Last Tradition

  3. @ Rev - Indeed they didn't.

    @ Samuel - Great points.


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