SEIU/ACORN/Fake Tea Party Plant at the Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party Doesn't Get Very Far UPDATED, WC Varones Finds a Plant as Well

by the Left Coast Rebel

Tonight I was on the lookout for a "Crash the Tea Party" troll, anarchist or some other cretin looking to grab headlines (press willing and abetting) by saying or doing something racist, licentious or just plain stupid at the Tea Party rally. It seems I found my man - at least kind of. Follow me along for the story, in pictures.

First off, I spotted Pendry B. of San Diego (nice lady) and we chatted about the "Tea Party Crasher" types. She was holding a "Tea Partiers Beware of....Agent Provocateurs'' sign - just my kind of kindred-spirit-lady:

oside tax day tea party 017

We chatted and both mentioned that we had spotted an SEIU/Fake/Plant/Rabble Rouser carrying a sign saying "Stupids are Here." It didn't take long to spot him again, along with several Tea Party patriots. Note the "Not One of us" signs from Sarah B. of the Southern CA Tax Revolt Coaltion. Bubba (blue shirt, goatee) wasn't going to get away with this:

oside tax day tea party 020

So we all chased him, hounded him and 'outed' him in front of the crowd. Note that you can see his sign but the guy is practically smothered by patriots:

oside tax day tea party 026

At this point he tried to direct his ire at the stage where someone was speaking. Eventually he was cornered by at least 15 Tea Party patriots, all cheerfully discounting his faux outrage and weak attempt to discredit. If he had been a golden retriever, he would have scurried off with his tail between his legs:

oside tax day tea party 029

This was the last that I saw of him. He was flailing his sign wildly upwards. At this point, I think that the $50 that SEIU/ACORN/Democratic Party/NBC News had paid him had fizzled out. Or at least the buzz from the booze that he bought with the $50 did. Note how he is gazing towards the sky:

oside tax day tea party 033

All in all a pathetic effort to crash the Oceanside Tea Party. I kid you not, I think that this man was homeless and hired for chump change to do this. Who do you think hired him? Like I said, SEIU? Democrat Party? NBC News? ACORN? If this is the best they can do....well.

UPDATED: Also, San Diego blogger W.C. Varones had a little run in with a fake Tea Partier today as well. Someone taped a "Not One of us" signs on his back! LOL!:

Read the rest at W.C.'s place. Also, tonight I read from The Hill that the Obamanation told fellow Democrats that he is 'amused' by the Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation. He thinks that you should be kissing his ring and thanking him for all the (tax cuts ?!?!) He has showered upon you. If I weren't so tired I would post more of what he said. Read it at The Hill.

More discussion of Infil-Traitors at Memeorandum, here and here as well.


  1. Nice job1 we had a few infiltrators but they weren't stupid enough to show up with signs.

  2. HAHA!! I love the sign on the guy's back! Notice too that the arrow on the "stupids are here" sign is pointing right at the stupid himself in the first picture. Ahhh... You gotta love it.

  3. Your banana nut with the "the stupids..." sign is linked off of via Gateway Pundit. Here's the story:


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