Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome or the Hypocrisy of the 'Tolerant' Left?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Perhaps it is a case of both. Boston talk show host Michael Graham found a contest of Sarah Palin 'signs' to commemorate her appearance at a Boston Tea Party event on April 14. Via Massachusetts' Weekly Dig, some of the submissions:


Nice stuff. How is it that the liberal/progressive/leftist sector of our population thinks that they have the corner on civility, tolerance, empathy?

I guess a lie repeated often enough, often becomes the truth.

Via Memeorandum

UPDATED: Sister Toldjah links, thanks! There's nothing new to this behavior. Sara in Italy put together a collage of various pictures she found representing leftist hate directed at Sarah Palin. I am posting it here but it is so bad that I had to 'fuzzy' out the F-bombs, 'c' word and rape graphic:

palin attacks copy2

Also, the NSFW version can be found here.


  1. Yeah, if you want to hear racism or see vulgarity just go to a "progressive" protest. Bring air freshener though.

  2. Despicable. As is any untruth spoken, or inappropriate caricature drawn depicting an untruth about anyone.

    The current state of political dialogue (or should I say the lack thereof)in America is appalling.

    Our Founding Fathers must be wondering just what has went wrong with their marvelous experiment that crated the first democratic republic in history.

    Let the statist amongst us answer that one.

  3. I think instead of "free health care" for all, Obama should offer free plastic surgery (and liposuctions, Botox, enhancements, etc.) for all. That way the Lib.s can go in and get fixed up and not have to go through life hating everybody they view as being more physically attractive than them.

    As for their internal ugliness and self-hatred, well that's a different issue...

  4. personally I can't see why they hate her so much... I don't like Obama, but I don't hate him either... I hate what he is doing! big difference!
    I have heard her speak a few times and like her message.. though she may not be the most articulate speaker, her message is clear. And Obama? The first time I heard him I had a gut feeling he was just another lying politician...
    And what facts do we have now?


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