"The Other 95%," Another Stooge Democrat-Funded Astorturf Anti-Tea Party Effort? Is Cass Sunstein Involved?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Over at Memeorandum the leading thread is an Erick Erickson/RedState article: Is the Obama Administration Behind and Astroturf Anti-Tea Party Website? Erickson lays out details on a new anti-Tea Party site called "The Other 95%." Is there a Cass Sunstein connection to this new site?:

Writing on January 15, 2010, Glenn Greenwald at Salon noted Barack Obama’s new head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, had championed creating fake websites and using outside 501(c)(3) interest groups to act as alleged independent champions of governm

Sunstein advocates that the Government’s stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.” He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messagingent policy and to “cognitively infiltrate” opposition websites, etc.

Considering Sustein’s recommendations, it is not far removed to speculate the Obama administration is behind a new anti-tea party website called The Other 95, which defends the government from tea party criticisms and attacks the tea party movement as fringe.

The website purports to be authentically grassroots, though one must wonder when the last time was any grassroots activist took the time to defend the government.

Instead of taking others at their word, I went to the site, "The Other 95%" and was impressed. I found it to be much cleaner and professional than the "Crash the Tea Party" site of late. Behind the slick veneer and pro graphics one is confronted with the same tired Democratic-statist-socialist-Obamanation talking points. The start page greets visitors with phrases such -

  • The Facts

    • Obama has passed 25 separate tax cuts.
    • Obama's stimulus package included $300 billion in middle class tax cuts — one of the largest in history.
    • The recent healthcare reform law includes tax credits and savings for small businesses and working people.
    • Unlike President Bush's 2001 tax cuts, which went to the wealthiest 2.2%, President Obama's tax cuts overwhelmingly benefit working and middle class families -- 95% of all Americans.
I smell serious astroturfing here. It's so easy to spot pro-political plants and operatives like this versus ma and pa Tea Parry patriots. The clear delineation is an adherence to White House talking points like those above versus the purely grassroots efforts of the Tea Party movement.

Clearly, I must be onto something because a like-minded patriot, super-blogger RightKlik is featured as a 'recent tweet' at the start page of "The Other 95%" as well:

the other 95% 1

RightKlik points to a photo of a crappy little rally that "The Other 95%" 'recently' had to celebrate Obama's tax cuts on April 15:

crappy 95%rally

In this shot there are clearly 'thousands' of protesters thanking Obama, not the 'dozens, perhaps hundreds' that we typically see with Tea Party gatherings, no? Perhaps I am wrong about this group?

I hardly think so.

Here's the thing. Be my eyes and ears. Follow these Sunstein-White House trolls here at Facebook where they have garnered an earth-shattering 21,000 fans (just 365,000 fans short of the Obama goat). Take screen-shots, gather information, see what you can find. I will feature you and your efforts here if you dig up any salacious information on "The Other 95%." Email me at Leftcoastrebel@gmail.com.

This thing just oozes paid-for troll enterprising. The glistening MoveOn.ort and far-left designer look (the fella behind the site's design is affiliated with MoveOn), shiny talking points, just scream out as another pathetic attempt to subvert the resurgent, heartfelt Tea Party movment.

I see a recurring theme as well at "The Other 95%" - the attempt to portray the Tea Party movement as illegitimate in itself. Erick Erickson closes on this leftist theme:

Let’s also remember that Center for American Progress, led by Obama’s transition team director John Podesta, has regular 8 a.m. phone calls to coordinate activity on the left.

It’s a play right out of Lenin’s handbook, forget Alinsky, to call the authentic “inauthentic” and then create something inauthentic demanding it be called “authentic.”

The rabid leftwing will never accomplish this, it is impossible to match the heartfelt concern, passion and patriotism that heralds from the Tea Party movement:

oside tax day tea party 006

I should know, I'm part of it.

UPDATED: It doesn't get any more astroturf than this. Reader, activist and excellent blogger Conservative Girl scooped LCR on "The Other 95%'s" protest signs, like the banner seen above. Key question - what does a paid astroturfer do to create signs for protests? They outsource them! JACG writes:

The signs were printed at union printing shop outside of Richmond VA. I have a background in direct marketing/printing. There are very few union shops in the US.

My sources tell me that they printed 5000 signs and about 400 of those big walkaround things.

I tried to find out who paid for it, but couldn't get that info.

These silly leftists aren't capable of thinking for themselves. It comes as no surprise that they don't have the creative ability to make their own protest signs as well. I want to know more about this connection. Can you say astroturf?

Discussion at Memeorandum, here.


  1. the signs were printed at union printing shop outside of Richmond VA. I have a background in direct marketing/printing. There are very few union shops in the US.

    My sources tell me that they printed 5000 signs and about 400 of those big walkaround things.

    I tried to find out who paid for it, but couldn't get that info.

  2. I am so unbearably tired of that "Bush only cut taxes for the rich" talking point, which "The Other 95%" website is repeating yet again. As if cutting the *bottom* tax rate from 15% to 10% only affected the wealthiest 2.2% of Americans...

  3. Weren't there reports a few months back that Bill Clinton would be starting up some anti-tea party group as well?

    Nonetheless, Sunstein's claims shouldn't be surprising, remember that police informants regularly infiltrated anti-war groups during the Bush administration.

    And Democrats aren't the only folks taking a few pages out of Lenin's playbook.


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