Obama, Congress and the $1 Billion Spent on Lobbying From January - March, 2010


by the Left Coast Rebel

More 'hope and change,' 'transparency,' not to mention broken promises of putting an end to lobbyists in Washington. As is the case with everything that the Manchurian Obamanation does, the rhetoric is the precise opposite of the eventual outcome. Via Memeorandum, Open Secrets:

Hordes of hired K Street guns are in high demand as President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats seek to implement grand legislative plans.

And a Center for Responsive Politics review of lobbying reports recently filed with the Senate Office of Public Records indicates companies, trade associations, unions and other groups spent nearly $1 billion on lobbying during the first three months of 2010. That puts the current year on an early pace toward exceeding the record amount of money -- about $3.47 billion -- spent last year on federal lobbying efforts.

The $903 million spent between January 1 and March 31 is larger than overall lobbying expenses in three out of four quarters last year, and it represents an 11 percent increase from the $811 million spent on lobbying during the first three months of 2009.

Special interests spent about $19 million per day on lobbying efforts, the Center for Responsive Politics estimates, based on the number of calendar days that either the House or Senate was officially in session.
The wholesale, fire-sale, of a nation and it's wealth. Like any Marxist leadership would do, Obama proclaims help for the 'little people' then consolidates power in cahoots with massive lobbyist interests.

Can you say 'corporatism?'

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