Ney Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Personification of Tough Leadership Needed

by the Left Coast Rebel

Today George Will has a column, "Bringing Thunder-ous change to New Jersey." Key excerpts:

There are 700,000 more Democrats than Republicans in New Jersey, but in November Christie flattened the Democratic incumbent, Jon Corzine. Christie is built like a burly baseball catcher, and since his inauguration just 13 weeks ago, he has earned the name of the local minor-league team -- the Trenton Thunder.

Challenging teachers unions to live up to their cloying "it's really about the kids" rhetoric, he has told them to choose between a pay freeze and job cuts. Validating his criticism by their response to it, some Bergen County teachers encouraged students to cut classes and go to the football field to protest his policies, and a Bridgewater high school teacher showed students a union-made video critical of him. Christie notes that the $550,000 salary of the executive director of the teachers union is larger than the total cuts proposed for 190 of the state's 605 school districts.

Read the rest. Last week a reader sent me a video of Governor Christie laying out the law to the state's teacher's union cabal. I haven't posted the following but in an age of silver-tongued Obamanations and unseen leadership on the right it is an epic example of the leadership needed to save this nation's fiscal future:

P.S. - I don't see a teleprompter here, either. Via Memeorandum. Also read Commentary Magazine.


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