The New York Times Fails to Vet, Source a Story, Bloggers Prove to be Better Journalists than the New York Times

by the Left Coast Rebel

Is it just me or is the New York Times actually getting more and more corrupt, less traditionally 'journalistic', a-politically incompetent and increasingly hostile to middle America? Essentially is the New York Times circling the drain at even a greater clip than they have in recent years? Something just isn't right when you see front page material from the Times that compares the Tea Party movement to the domestic terrorist Weathermen Underground from the 1960s.

Liberty Pundits proves this today in an expose that exposes a fake story that was meant to ensnare political bloggers to discredit them. Funny thing is, bloggers turned the story away since it couldn't be vetted and sourced but the New York Times ran with it and had to retract. Why am I not surprised?:

This lawyer pulled the fake story stunt to entrap us – political bloggers – because “fact checking is not” our “strong suit,” so he claimed. We ignored the story, and the NYT ran with it.

Gawker’s got a post, which also covers another false story the NYT ran with – but this blog one is just so rich. Let’s go to the source.

New York Personal Injury Attorney Eric Turkewitz wrote in this blog that he had been appointed “official White House law blogger“:

Since word is already dribbling out among my friends, I thought I should let you know here: I’m closing down this blog in the next few weeks to start up a new one at the White House as their official law blogger. I’ll have the opportunity to both expand the scope of my writing and serve my country at the same time. As blogging gigs go, it doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s a good ruse complete with charts and stories. So the NYT gets wind of it. Their “fact-checking” department calls both the lawyer and the White House. Lawyer specifically obfuscates; he confirms NOTHING. The WH? No one home. The story has no confirmation whatsoever on any level.

Be sure to read the rest of this at Liberty Pundits.


  1. My cat has better skills as a journalist,than anyone at the New York Slime

  2. I don't see the greatness. NYT is just another lib'ral mouthpiece, often skewing the truth or outright lying about stories that interfere with their very clear leftwig agenda. The only thing remotely "great" about them is the city they think they represent and the hundreds of thousands of people who buy and believe what they print.

  3. The only thing The Times has on its side is history, and its recent history is not even on its side.

    Pathetic. Hilarious, and pathetic.

  4. Great Post -- I think the NYT is almost done.


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