New Website Forms: "Crash the Tea Party" UPDATE: More Details, Tactics, Leftists Plan to Use Signs, Gather Signatures?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Over at Google Trends the #1 topic for searches is "Crash the Tea Party." I check into Google Trends several times a day just to make sure that I haven't missed anything (great tip). Anyhow the buzz is behind a seemingly anonymous group that has formed a new site called literally, "Crash the Tea Party." I went to the link, and was greeted by this start page:


The 'down' arrow denotes a clickable link that allows you into the site, via. a simple registration with the site/group. Essentially right off the bat I am struck by how amateurish and 'cheesy' the site seems. If this is the best that Soros/Plouffe/SEIU can do....well, I am leery. As you can see with the start page graphic, one is greeted with sophomoric, 'we are Democrats, Republicans, Independents that are tired of the homophobic, racist teabaggers, blah, blah, blah. This stinks and shows their hand.

On the other hand, the so-called 'Coffee Party' was a dud at best, so perhaps this is one of many leftist next-attempts. It's hard for me to say without being inside.

I accessed the registration page, and saw a litany of screen names involved with "Crash the Tea Party." Screenshot:

crash 2

I see a lot of screen names that would associate far-left zealouts and those spoofing the Tea Party movement, although I see a few 'John Galts' and such. Mrs. LCR commented to me, and I agree - this site seems like it was set up by a bunch of late-teen, wide-eyed collegial progressive-types. I know the look, trust me.

Regardless, the worst thing that they may possibly attempt is to pose as actual Tea Party activists and then pull out the 'n' word, slurs, violence, etc for the press to pick up and pin the tail on the Tea Party donkey. That is my fear with the anarchist infiltration into the Tea Party as well.

From here I have a request to ask of you. I ask that you register with the "Crash the Tea Party" site (which essentially is a glorified message board), then peruse, use and don't abuse (give up your identity). Try to find details on when/which Tea Parties these people want to infiltrate, how/when/where. What are they going to do? Take screenshots on your computer (alt + Print Screen) as you find juicy details. Then simply email them to I simply do not have the time this evening to accomplish this task and will appreciate any help. Also, if you are a blogger, I will give you big-time props, linky-love and traffic for helping out. If I were starting out, I would jump on this!

Stay tuned for updates......

UPDATED: Soloman from Wisdom of Soloman went behind enemy lines into the "Crash the Tea Party" site and what he found was......well....pathetic:

I checked out the site. At the time of this post it has seven pages of discussion threads, including everything from the "Welcome" thread, to others including one asking why posts are being deleted. There's one on the first page of topics called "Thanks," which has an opening post that says:

Thank goodness for this ridiculous site! Now, if anything does happen it will be blamed on you idiots! Excellent, Left-wing thinking right here. Congratulations!

Another post in this same discussion, posted by someone named "Bagger," reads:

I just invited the 9/12 groups to come over here and play. Come on liberals....we want to play. Do you jerks have any idea how millions of members we have in the movement. You think you are going to disrupt us with pranks. We are fighting for liberty and you would have to be pretty dumb to stand in front of us. But if you must come on. We will be clinging to our guns and our Bibles and I promise never to use the Bible on you.

What's great about this is that someone from the right named "NunnayaBizness" is posting in this same thread, and returned fire by saying:

"bagger" trying unsuccesssfully to frame the 9/12 movement...see? u lefties are so simple. u underestimate the intelligence of the American people every time. so sad.

Having seen this, I'm pleased to announce that it appears this sham has been infiltrated at a couple of levels.

Be sure to read the rest of Soloman's report.

UPDATED x2: Reader PA Mom sends this note. I think she's onto something:

Could we somehow have true red white and blue tea partiers wear something to distinguish them from these fakes? Like maybe local chapters can hand out stickers . Sarah Palin stickers. I think they rather die than resort to wearing one of those. Must be something we can do to point them out. I am also sending emails to MSNBC, CNN and Rush, Sean etc daily. We need them to know we are aware and ahead of their game.

Right Ideas did a great job on finding what may be leftist Tea Party Crasher plan of attack, he took a screen shot of a "Tea Party Crasher" user's comment:

tea party crasher 1

As you can see, this 'Mad Hatter' tea party crasher plans on using misspelled signs with ludicrous messages, to dress in 'redneck' apparel, etc. I don't see that he is calling for tea party crashers to drop the 'n' word or other slurs. I still wouldn't count that out though, as well as the press running with it. Also, note that he mentions 'mining' information through a petition. This guy is an absolute miscreant-degenerate.

Exhibit a. is simply just another sign of the vitriol and hate coming from the left. Users think that Tea Partiers can find a home at Gitmo. Nice mention of waterboarding too:

tea party crasher 2

Props to Right Ideas for finding this information. Be sure to check out his site.

The Constitutional Crusader sent me this, a tea party crasher that claims to actually be a Tea Party activist but thinks the movement is not going far enough. He calls it the 'invisible tea party' and it has violent overtones. I venture to guess that this is a leftist mind-game, some idiot leftist troll thinks this is a real riot:

tea party crasher 3

Truly strange stuff....

UPDATED x4: Republican Heretic has more:

The site seems to be run by someone who calls himself Mad Hatter. (I’ll give props — that’s actually pretty creative regarding the whole Tea Party theme.) Another frequent poster calls himself enhancelogic (lolwut?). These two seem to be the most constructive organizers of the website. Their suggestions and their mindset are … interesting.

Best they can think of: shout racial slurs. I guess racial slurs aren't offensive when used in the name of socialist causes. It does illutrate the fact that such sentiments are not inherent in the Tea Party movement -- they have to be manufactured by leftist infiltrators.

Best they can think of: shout racial slurs. I guess racial slurs aren't offensive when used in the name of socialist causes. It does illutrate the fact that such sentiments are not inherent in the Tea Party movement -- they have to be manufactured by leftist infiltrators.

More calls for racial slurs. enhancelogic seem to like them. Again, not very creative, but likely to be picked up on and circulated by the media as evidence of the suppposed racial agenda of the Tea Party

Some of these guys are fairly astute. They were aware that their efforts could backfire to the benefit of the Tea Party. Concrete plans were not announced on the site, to prevent conservatives from planning ahead for them.

Read the rest of his report here.

UPDATED x5: Right Ideas has some more details, it looks like the site will be password protected:

Tea Party Crasher password

Right Ideas is going to still try to get in and monitor the going-ons. Also, Right Ideas found some details on an upcoming Boston event on April 14:

Tea Party Crasher - 2

Visit Right Ideas for more.


  1. They aren't even capable of engaging in a meaningful argument.

  2. Wow. What a hateful group. I'm reposting.Thanks!

  3. It's a bit flattering that this "loose affiliation of racists, homophobes, and morons" is causing such great concern that there is a need to "dismantle and demolish" them!

    Keep up all the great work Tea Partiers. Your success is measured in the level of perplexity you engender in your opponents. The best thing about all of this is that come November, when the thugs are being tossed out of their jobs, they will still be clueless and never know what hit them. :-)

  4. "Sound like fun? It is!!"

    That's almost persuasive as the catchy slogan in the ad PIRG used to run in my college newspaper each week back in the 1980s: "Smash the Right Wing! And make money doing it!"

  5. I linked you in a post - because of your post I decided to do a little reading through some of the threads.

    I documented a little of what I found, and gave some insight as well.

    Great find!

  6. we need to get this out there, wide spread, and on FOX. I will do a post too.

    From now on, any hateful, racist, controversial signs or language can be linked to this group. Is there one master tea party web site that can get this message out to all tea partiers? they can then take pics of the controversial people/confront them, take pics, etc. And they can expose them for the losers they are.

    In fact, i have no doubt that the stuff we have seen recently can be blamed on these people as well. I'm sure this group is just becoming more organized, but have been up to these pranks for a while.

    They are actually doing the tea party people a favor. They are giving them someone to point the finger at and blame. haha

  7. Hey! I'm on board to do my part to help shine some light on the new improved and re-invented coffee club - now appearing as The Scum Bag Party.

    The Scum Baggers are being niave. If anyone shows up at a Tea Party using foul/negative language, suggestions of violence, behavior demeaning to all ethnic/racial groups, the people I know will call them out, using video/cell phone cameras for identification purposes, quaranteen them, and then make thier idiocy public. We people will not be undermined in our attempts to re-establish our American Values and Principles.

    Can you imagine how some lefties are willing to become a national fool for The Scum Bag Party?

    Bring it on Lefties! We're waiting you you... yea You Betcha!

  8. I also did a bit of trolling around on the site, and found some related Facebook groups, too. I put up a post with lots of screenshots if you're interested:

  9. It's interesting that one of the site admin's avatar is a guy Fawkes mask.

    Wasn't it hugo weaving's part as V to take down a TOTALITARIAN government?

  10. No need to worry from 3 different angels
    1. Lefties are lazy,they didn't even listen to Obamas call for them to knock on doors to sell his health care bill and when they are told to tie up the phone in DC...they don't.
    2. Do we really care ? The only media playing this game with them is MSNBC...nobody watches it except for them.
    3. They are afraid of us a right wing fanatic gun toting nut jobs. One may go off and it won't be a pretty site.

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