Mitt Romney: Obamacare is Unconstitutional but Romneycare Wasn't

by the Left Coast Rebel

Like I have said here at the Left Coast Rebel before - the limited government, Tea Party Express bus has left the station without former Massachusetts Governor Mitt 'I am against Obamacare even though I fathered the state version of it' Romney. I believe that the passage of Obamacare roasted Romney's Presidential aspirations the day that it was signed. Here's why:

In an interview at the Union Leader this morning, Mitt Romney said President Obama’s health care plan was an unconstitutional violation of the 10th Amendment.

Romney has been saying that a key difference between his Massachusetts health care reform and President Obama’s reform is that his was a state plan and Obama’s is a federal plan. In speeches in New Hampshire last night and this morning, he defended his plan (as he has before) by noting that the 10th Amendment reserves powers to the states that are not explicitly granted to the federal government. But he stopped short of stating that Obama’s plan violated the 10th amendment by taking powers that were reserved to the states.

Yes, Mitt - the key difference between Obamacare and Romneycare is Federalism and perhaps the 10th Amendment. But both programs come from the same philosophical premise -- welfare-statism. So essentially Romney is saying, 'well, uh, Obamacare is socialism and wrong because it does the same thing that my plan did but it's coming from Washington.'

Not even close to good enough, Mitt Romney. The Tea Party, limited government party-train has left the station and you are left holding your big-government suitcase. No matter what you say, there is still progressive, big government baggage inside that suitcase of yours.

It's hard enough to get Republicans to stick to the party tenets of limited government. Much more so when a candidate's track record proves a lack of adherence to that. Wave to the country that is in the midst of searching for a consistent limited government advocate, Mitt:

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  1. Good. We don't need him. Let the door ... well, you know the end of that cliche.

  2. Right! We have had enough RINOs... We need a few good conservatives that know how to lead!

  3. If government is the problem, Romney is not the solution.

  4. i actually really like romney and feel he would do an OUTSTANDING job- but, i understand your feelings and realize that this is a problem.
    there are others out there who might be better for us on the ticket.
    on that i would agree.

  5. Romney care is indeed bad economics and public policy. I do not support it, but I do think, looking at the case law history of states' rights to regulate economic activity within their borders, that Mitt is correct that his Mass plan is more likely to be constitutional than a federal plan. Look up utility and insurance regulation case law and SCOTUS rulings since the late 19C throughout the 20C. States have rights to regulate insurance and various utilities and so forth. The problem we have here is that the states have done a lousy job of regulating insurers for many decades now. They've not employed any industrial org expert economists to help devise a dynamic, competitive market with various product plans and price points to help folks buy insurance that they really need. The one thing that the federal govt could have done to improve the US insurance industry was to permit interstate pooling, but that would have opened the insurance industry to federal regulation; then the law, if designed with any real economics in mind, would have needed to permit some things like catastrophic only coverage (which states should have been allowing any way). This ObamaCare is the result of bad state regulation for many decades. Romney care was a bad, but probably constitutional, alternative to bad regulation.

  6. Budget experts say that because ObamaCare offers an insurance alternative to employer provided coverage, many Americans who hold full-time jobs may decide to work part-time -- or not at all -- and get their coverage from the exchanges.sign up for obamacare 2015


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