Marco Ceglie Laying a Highway of Astroturf Lies With "The Other 95%"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Since the so-called Coffee Party quickly fizzled into watered-down Folgers crystals the leftwing is now looking desperately for the Tea Party alternative to counter and spread a 'progressive' agenda message.

Enter "The Other 95%"

The group donned it's name to connote the perceived radical, extreme, fringe right wing element of the Tea Party movement, hence the 'mainstream' 95% or "Other." So right on the get-go "The Other 95%" mocks and maligns the Tea Party crowd, even with their name. Right out of the Alinsky playbook, right?

My initial visit to The Other 95%," made an easy first impression. Far too many Democratic talking points were on display along with a sterile, forced-clean look.

My gut said astroturf - plain and simple.

On this note, Left Coast Rebel collaborator Conservative Generation decided to go straight to the source(s) and do some digging on just who put "The Other 95%" together, as we did with the radical leftists behind the Coffee Party and Annabel Park. When it comes to leftist counter Tea Party movements, all roads lead to astroturf highways so this shouldn't be too hard to do.

Enter Marco Ceglie founding member of "The Other 95%"

Think of Marco as the bald, white male, alter ego of Annabel Park (that's him saving America for civility at 0:50 on the needle):

I am shocked at such a ludicrous spectacle of staged, filmed astroturf (especially the man yelling, "Down with Obama.") Indeed, Marco Ceglie's tone and rhetoric in this video sounds eerily similar to the staged Annabel Park/Coffee Party memes:

Much like Annabel Park, Marco Ceglie calls for civility, claims to be part of an effort of 'moderates, Democrats and Republicans and tries to coaxe the uniformed in such manner. He soothingly chides Tea Partiers for being anti-tax and relates that government is necessary and that people are tired of hearing Tea Partiers protest taxes. The Tea Party is just so fringe and mean!

Some may say that Marco Ceglie sounds nearly a-politcal and reasonable, no?

Well we did a little digging on Marco Ceglie and you may be truly shocked at just what we found.

For starters, far-left nutjobs aren't very good at covering their electronic tracks. Twitter can be a treasure trove of information for the wandering conservative that wants to uncover a leftist's rants, especially one that wants to sound civil and decent, like Marco Ceglie. I head over to Marco Ceglie's Twitter page where I am greeted by a nice message:

marco ceglie twitter 1

It seems that Marco Ceglie equates Tea Party activists to 'armed right wingers' supposedly celebrating the Oklahoma city bombing. Is this civility according to Marco Ceglie and "The Other 95%?" If so, then this also won't come as a surprise:

marco ceglie twitter 2

Or these niceties (on Tea Party people):

marco ceglie twitter 4

Is Tom Coburn your Senator? Do you live in Oklahoma? You'll appreciate this:

marco ceglie twitter 5

Like any far-left radical, Marco Ceglie hates certain figures. We can't go without a little Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome, can we? Would you say something like this of even a liberal that you loathe?:

marco ceglie twitter 6

Marco Ceglie is also friends with Andrew Boyd (Founder of Billionaires for Bush, scroll for more):

marco ceglie twitter 7
marco ceglie twitter 8

Essentially that dispels the notion that "The Other 95%" founder Marco Ceglie is heralding a moderate and civil Tea Party alternative. It doesn't take rocket science to see that Marco Ceglie is just your run of the mill radical leftist that loathes conservatives and anyone daring to defy the leftist radicals in power at this time.

As for astroturfing, Marco Ceglie fits the bill quite nicely. As you saw in the video above, Marco Ceglie claims that "The Other 95%" is a place for 'ordinary' Americans away from the Tea Party fringe. The site states that they were formed to simply defend Obama's record on tax cuts and such. I'm sure that Marco Ceglie would adamantly claim that "The Other 95%" is strictly grassroots, from the bottom up without even a blade of astroturf-green-plastic-grass in sight, right?

Fair enough but why then does Marco Ceglie list on his resumé at LinkedIn co-chairing Billionaires For Bush?:

marco ceglie b4b

In other words, faux-astro turf agitation, deluxe.

I'll sum it up.

"The Other 95%" was co-formed by Marco Ceglie, a man obsessed with the ascendancy of the Tea Party movement, hoping to move on from his faux-astro turf agitation group, deluxe - Billionaires for Bush. That's good because Bush wasn't even running in 2008 and they still can't let him go. Through these efforts Marco Ceglie (and suredly his compatriats) want you to forget that they refer to Tea Party activists as 'tea baggers' 'God hates U,' racists, armed right wingers and Sarah Palin is a f#cking idiot. P.S. - we're civil and they're not!

I smell burning astroturf-plastic-grass somewhere.


  1. Another Organizing for America stage show.

  2. LCR, I think you hit the nail on the head. The "Other 95%" is indeed another fake leftist "grassroots" movement just like the failed "Coffee Party." The libs just can't get a real grass roots movement going, just like they couldn't get a successful radio talk show going. But bless their little black hearts, they just keep on trying. Bwahahahaha!

  3. Seems they just don't get the fact that dissatisfied Citizens do not need a "Cheer-leading" website to get them motivated.. I

  4. "Since the so-called Coffee Party quickly fizzled into watered-down Folgers crystals..."

    Man, I wish I'd written that line, LCR! I'm going to be laughing about that one all day!


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