Left Coast Rebel Photo of Oceanside Infiltrator Goes Viral, Also Tea Party Crashers Crashing? Updated, More Tax Day Tea Party Pictures

by the Left Coast Rebel

Earlier today LCR reader TKZ commented that one of my photos of the Oceanside, CA Tax Day Tea Party crasher had gone viral. He saw it at Big Government.com:

I checked the net and the same picture was all over the place to, too many locations to even count. Unfortunately Jim Hoft didn't credit LCR but I can't complain since he has linked my site 5 times in the last month. If you didn't see it, be sure to read my post on the Oceanside Tea Party infiltrator: SEIU/ACORN/Fake Tea Party Plant at the Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party Doesn't Get Very Far UPDATED, WC Varones Finds a Plant as Well.

Although I was afraid the the Tea Party Crasher move by leftists may have caused a lot of mayhem and havoc yesterday I am coming to the conclusion that the Crash the Tea Party movement has officially crashed. Regardless, there were some efforts made yesterday. Check out these links:

Gateway Pundit -Racist-Leftist-Infiltrators Driven from Tea Party Rallies

Malkin - Crashers They Came, They Saw, They Failed

WC Varones - Dimwitted Fake Tea Partier Doesn't Fool

Troglopundit - The Madison Tax Day Tea Party Counter Protest

Temple of Mut -Examples of “TEA PARTY VIOLENCE” at San Diego Rally!

Moonbattery - Still More Failed Tea Party Infiltrators

Also, fellow San Diego blogger WC Varones wins the Left Coast Rebel Award for Best Infiltrator Picture:

Not One of us

Attending a grassroots patriotic event - beyond worldly measure.

Mingling with like-minded patriots - worth perhaps more than gold?

Pinning a "Kick Me" or "Not One of Us" Sign on an Infiltrator's back - PRICELESS

More pictures of the Oceanside Tax Day Tea Party, yesterday!

This about sums it up, unless he is a 'birther':

oside tax day tea party 073

Wanted Taxorcist to perform Taxorcism:

oside tax day tea party 053

Che-Obama, Obama-Che (also, how is it that this guy isn't white?):

oside tax day tea party 049

This guy told me that he made his makeshift sign in quick order. Out of an old tennis racket. Talk about astroturf:

oside tax day tea party 046

This guy's sign was close to 15' tall and sums it up nicely:

oside tax day tea party 045

P.S., almost forgot. A Left Coast Rebel was spotted in the wild, although he wasn't a 'Rebel' among the Tax Day Tea Party folks:


Proudly wearing my awesome "Get Right Back" t-shirt from GetRightBack.com - Cool Gear for Today's Conservatives.


  1. Great Stuff, especially the "kick me" sign on the back! Priceless..

    We couldn't get out to any tea parties ourselves, had to work to pay all of the taxes, but I am glad we were well represented by fellow bloggers.

  2. Well done, LCR! Love the signs, pics and self-portrait. Great patriots, all. Except you-know-who, of course. ;-)

  3. @ WMUR - Totally! Hopefully you can make it to one, they are a great way to recharge your batteries.

    @ MA - Thanks! Hope to see you at one sometime :)

  4. No infiltrators at the Irvine Tea Party, but some good signs and speeches.


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