Judge declares that Ayers has the right to speak at University of Wyoming

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

What could be more insane than a Clinton appointed judge overturning the defund ACORN law passed by a clear majority in congress?  How about Clinton appointed Judge William Downes declaring that Bill Ayers has a right to speak at the privately endowed University of Wyoming?  

CNN reports:

Former Weather Underground militant Bill Ayers will appear at the University of Wyoming on Wednesday after a federal judge ruled he can't be barred from speaking on campus.

The Associated Press has a little more on the details of the story that evolved:

Ayers is now a professor in the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Education.

He initially was invited to the Wyoming campus by the UW Social Justice Research Center, but the privately endowed organization canceled the invitation because of hundreds of critical phone calls and e-mails.

Student Meg Lanker then invited Ayers to speak on campus, but the university refused to rent out space for the event, citing safety concerns because of threats the school received.

Oh, it gets better folks.  Not only must UW must allow Mr. Weatherman himself to speak at the college.  The court ordered the school to provide and pay for special security measures so that he could do so.  From the CNN report:

U.S. District Judge William Downes ordered Tuesday that the university must take "all prudent steps" to guarantee Ayers' security at his lecture.

The university had argued that "serious threats" prompted it to cancel the appearance by Ayers, who is now a University of Illinois education professor.

Downes' two-page order requires university officials to take "all prudent steps to maintain order and provide for the security of participants and spectators." University officials won't appeal the order, said spokeswoman Jessica Lowell.

University President Tom Buchanan said the school "will do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure environment for his visit."

The moral of the story?  Court appointments matter.  If this is how Bill Clinton appointments are turning out, can you even imagine what rulings we will get 16 years from now from Obama bench picks?  Obama has promised to transform this country and his policies speak to his sincerity of that mission.  Likewise, his court appointments will be just as committed, if not more so, to the same type of leftwing legal lunacy.

Anti-RepublicanCulture has an interesting take on this same story by comparing how blessed Ayer's first amendment right is to the left while conservatives like Tom Tancredo are silenced. Read here.


  1. Ayers is an education professor in Chicago. That explains a lot about the state of education in that backwards city. Let me get this straight, the court can bar Christians, Jews and conservatives because they're too provocative, but Muslims and homegrown liberal terrorist must have their speech be protected? My God, when Obama's racist and evil appointees start making rulings . . . GASP! When will I wake up from this nightmare? I knew I shouldn't had read 1984 before going to sleep. What? THIS IS REAL!!!

  2. This issue caught my attention at Anti-RepublicanCulture.com.

    It is interesting to contrast the treatment accorded Tom Tancredo vs. the treatment of Bill Ayers at their respective speeches.

  3. Actually, UW isn't privately endowed. It is a land-grant university and the majority of its funding is from federal grants and state money. The private endowments given to UW are also state-matched.

    -Meg Lanker


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