Huh? Obama Riot Police Called in at Quincy, Illinois Tea Party Protest?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Gateway Pundit broke this story, Sharp Elbows has the best coverage with several videos. Here's one:

I don't have time this morning to research this as well as I would like to. Donald Douglas at American Power has this however:

Additional links at the post (via Memeorandum). But Dana (Loesch) adds:
Who gave the order to call in the riot police on protesters? Word is that Secret Service from inside the venue and the presidential team pressured local law enforcement, who were against the idea. Local cops were overruled, I’m told by various sources, including a few members of local press. Moore reported that she overheard Secret Service telling the riot squad to “push them back, out of sight.“

Intimidation tactic. Plain and simple. There was no violence, no arguments, just a couple hundred patriots who sang patriotic songs and wore red, white, and blue. Unbelievable.


Doug Edelman identifies this man as the one who called in the riot squad and said to “push them back, out of sight” ...


I wonder if we will be seeing more of this kind crackdown on Tea Party events? After scanning several stories, I sure as hell could not find an 'incident' that provoked authorities to the point of calling in riot police. Illinois' Quincy Herald Whig as well mentions riot police presence but with no substantiated reason for them being there. C-Gen - perhaps you can find more information on this?

Were there Molotov cocktails thrown at authorities and rioting? No, you have to depend on the communist left for that kind of behavior.

Discussion at Memeorandum, here, here.

Update x2:

NBC coverage calls peaceful protest rowdy. Loud yes, but notice no reference of violence and certainly no need for riot police.

Update x3:

Via A Traditional Life Lived

LCR has obtained a video of the protesters singing the song that local Quincy paper said was in protest to complying with the secret service. Obviously, the reporter had not actually been at the protest because they reported the song as "God Bless America," when in actuality it was "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Video also does not show any noncompliance from the Tea Partiers that were reported and parroted by hacks like Huffington Post.

Quote Quincy Herald Whig:

There were a few tense moments when the crowd moved west down York toward Third Street after the president's motorcade arrived. A Secret Service agent asked the crowd to move back across the street to the north side.

When the crowd didn't move and began singing "God Bless, America" and the national anthem, Quincy Deputy Police Chief Ron Dreyer called for members of the Mobile Field Force to walk up the street.

The officers, mainly from Metro East departments near St. Louis and dressed in full body armor, marched from the east and stood on the south side of York facing the protesters.


  1. "I sure as hell could not find an 'incident' that provoked authorities to the point of calling in riot police."

    Maybe this isn't obvious, but the police state does not require an "incident" to send in the riot squad. A militarized police response to protest in the United States is the rule rather than the exception. It's actually surprising that we haven't seen more aggressive police state tactics at tea party protests. Just wait until they start cracking skulls and arresting people by the dozens for doing nothing more than exercising their constitutional rights. Tea partiers and hippies will finally have something to bond over.

  2. Where were they in Arizona when the anti-legal immigration (pro-illegal immigration) protest went on with bottles thrown at police and people getting hurt?

  3. "Tin soldiers and Obama's coming/We're finally on our own/This summer I hear the drumming..."


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