Governor Brewer of Arizona Should be Commended, not Criticized as 'Irresponsible' by Obama Updated: More Fatatalities in Mexico Than Iraq?


by the Left Coast Rebel

You just have to love the lame-stream press. The leading thread at Memeorandum is a story about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) and the state's brand new tough illegal immigrant enforcement legislation. USA Today, in typical, 'we're liberal and so are you' fashion titles their article:

Governor Brewer Signs Controversial Immigration Bill

First off, the bill isn't controversial - in Arizona at least. From what I read nearly 75% of Arizona residents support Senate bill 1070. Also, the bill is simple. It requires state official enforcement of Federal immigration law. How is that 'controversial?'

Here's how. By signing simple legislation that a 1st grader can comprehend, Governor Brewer of Arizona bypassed every single one of the rabid, violent, open border anti-rule of law interest groups in the nation. All of them from the ACLU, to the communist 'workers' groups, to racist groups like La Raza (more on this at American Power). I say nation because it's a start and radical leftist open-border interest groups were protesting today in Los Angeles of all places. The national implications of Arizona Senate bill 1070 brought the Obamanation out of the shadows (heh), chastising the simple law enforcement matter as (newspeak) ''irresponsible.''

No it's not, Emperador-Presidente. Enforcing the law, no matter how popular or not; is 'responsible.'

Using Obama's logic, 65% of America should simply refuse to follow Obamacare and then when the Feds come in to enforce, our new conservative President should call it "irresponsible." Maybe 65% of the nation should just do what liberal judges, politicians in both parties have done with the illegal immigration issue for decade - ignore laws that they don't like. Perhaps I am on to something?

Until today I wasn't familiar with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. After reading her statement of Senate bill 1070, I think I'm a new fan.

A new GOP star in the making?

UPDATED: I neglected to mention the ongoing narco-terror war that Mexico is in the midst of. Did you know that Arizona has witnessed untold violence and even numerous kidnappings due to the narco-terror state situation. Reaganite Republican has a great report on this entire situation. Why does Obama ignore the mayhen, death and destruction in Mexico that is bleedding across our borders?

Go to Reaganite for analysis. Also, via Memeorandum Powerline makes a great point on amnesty and GWB. More via Memeorandum here, here, here.


  1. I think the Govt spending trillions of Dollars it does not have is 'controversial?' and absolutely "irresponsible."
    But the truth is, Obama just trolling for Latino votes...

  2. Hopefully more states and Governors will follow after Arizona and flex their muscles and put the federal government in its place.

  3. WSJ says this law is DOA...the courts will kill it. I hope they're wrong. Criminals who illegally enter Arizona from Mexico have created a epidemic of violence. Where's the compassion in allowing that to continue?

    As for Obama's response, this is "Acting Stupidly" Chapter 2. Obama is reflexively a race-baiter. Where conservatives see a need for law and order and blind justice, Obama sees an opportunity to manufacture racial grievances.

    It would be nice to have a "post-racial" president at a time like this. Unfortunately, we have a president who seems inclined to amplify racial tensions.

  4. I need to learn more about her, but her position on this issue is much better than Palin or Romney.

  5. Obama might lose some votes. Now he'll have to act quickly with immigration reform...

  6. Obama is a politician. His statement is a glaring example of acting in his own political interest.

    As RightKilt points out he is creating racial grievances and thereby amplifying racial tensions for the purpose of securing a voting block that will help insure his continued power beyond 2012.

  7. This must-read post linked at the Reaganite Republican... nice work:

  8. Tim - I linked to you over at RN USA on this issue.

    Great take. I too am impressed with Governor Brewer!

  9. I live in AZ and am so glad Govenor Brewer stood up and did the job the feds won't do! Opponents say it's racist, but all you have to do is watch our local news and see who most of the crimes are committed by. You can't drive down the streets of my small town without seeing illegals standing on corners, waiting for some day work.

    Other opponents say things like why don't we profile for other immigrants like the Polish or Canadian, too? Well, if they were here illegally and committing the crimes, then I'd be for arresting them and kicking them out too.

    I'd have no problem showing my passport/papers to prove I was there legally if I were in another country. Why should it be such a big deal to do so here? I'm all for people moving here for a better life, but do it legally and be responsible tax-paying citizens like the rest of us.

    And I don't think Obama or anyone else who doesn't live in AZ and deal with this problem, should be able to decide for us.

  10. @ Rightklik - Well said.

    @ Trestin - Certainly, just this move shows how brave she is.

    @ RG - It may come down to that.

    @ Les - Thanks for the link and compliment.

    @ RR - Thanks for the link too!

    @ Tammy - Great points, to think the lame stream press is saying that Arizon is 'divided' on this vote too? I read that 75% of residents are for it!

  11. I am so proud of the AZ Gov. for having the spine to sign this law.
    Obummer is a hypocrite. I hope you get rid of all the illegals destroying America from your state.....Lord knows we have enough of them in Chicago. At this rate, we can move to Mexico and Gringo's would be the dominant population.

  12. You're absolutley right, 75% of AZ residents are for it. They showed the protestors on the news. I'll give you one guess as to who 99% of them were.


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