Financial 'Reform' Fallout

by the Left Coast Rebel

Obama and Congress' reform essentially will come down to hurdles and difficulties for a vibrant American market, entrepreneurship and wealth creation. An end to bailouts? Not hardly as Leslie Eastman at Temple of Mut points out, it is simply Orwellian newspeak. Unlimited bailout authority for the Fed? Check. Absolutely no change with the elephants in the financial meltdown room, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Check.

Even worse, financial 'reform' is a 1400 page bill that likely no one will read. But we have do do something!

One of the most confounding things that I witness on a daily basis is the left's near religious faith in centralized power. It is simply the end all to be all. It is the tool to 'equalize' society, to protect you from yourself, to create 'fairness' in a world that will never be.

That is why so much that the Obamanation does simply doesn't make sense to those that hold American Founding ideals dear. Obama is simply the mighty prophet to herald, 'equalization,' end 'selfishness,' and force 'fairness.'

I am from the Founding train of thought that these things are, or instead should be; 'equally free to fail or succeed,' free to choose according to 'rational self interest' and that the government notion of 'fairness' and income redistribution is an unlimited source of historically unequivocated human misery. It is their religion though - they will never learn.

Links today that follow this theme:

The looter-political-class and their useful idiots like Paul Krugman in the Times, "Do Not Cry for Wall Street." No one will cry for useful idiots like Krugman when they come for him either.

Senate Democrat-looters - "The Games Are Over." Yah, free markets are a 'game' too.

"Democrats at the Edge of a Cliff," Oh, no wait, that is actually incredibly good news.

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