Charlie Crist the 'Independent': Who's Surprised?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Frankly I wasn't surprised to read today that ever-the-political class opportunist, RINO Governor Charlie Crist (R-Florida) is 'going there' and running as an indpendent as a last ditch effort to save his political life.

A teachable moment:

Close advisers expect him to say tomorrow that he looks forward to caucusing with Republicans but that is not a certainty, there are still some issues being worked out and discussed.
Tea Party, limited government activists - the above, in bold, cements the 'R' vs. 'D' sham-paradox. George W. Bush and the Republican Congress of the 2000's prolifigate spending should have been the final straw for this nation.

If this man turns out to be the spoiler in the upcoming Senate race in Florida, Charlie Crist can enter the annals of history right next to Arlen Specter.

Reaganite Republican has some great analysis on this as well.

A match, made in heaven (not quite), get a room, you two:


Via Memeorandum.

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  1. I voted for Christ... But was a choice as usual, the best of the worst. Like most elections. But he will not get my vote next time. Glad he has shown his true colors. Purple!
    But is he really so different than most politicians? IMO, the sad state of our nation...


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