Anarchists Looking to Infiltrate and Subvert the Tea Party Movement?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm kicking myself. I got a great tip from LCR reader and fellow blogger D.Eris at Poli-Tea. You see, Eris told me that he had just wrapped up a great exposé on leftwing anarchist infiltration into upcoming Tea Party events, especially the nationwide April 15 tax day Tea Party protests. Like so many things today, I was intrigued by his post but bookmarked, and forgot about it - only to see a leading thread at Memeorandum on the same topic. Here's the opener from Poli-Tea:

Tea party groups are planning another set of nationwide protests and rallies on April 15th, 2010, and this year they may well be confronted with counter-protests, if not also direct action, from the American anarchist movement. Over the weekend a call went out over a number of anarchist news wires calling on activists to "Crash the tea parties!" The release at Anarchist News, Infoshop News and Indymedia, identifies the tea party movement as a coalition of conservative groups and right-wing bogeymen intent on dismantling existing social welfare programs, and urges active opposition at the April 15th demonstrations.
Be sure to read the rest - it's an eye-opener! Also, Jim Hoft at Gateway writes this, via "Anarchists Plan War on April 15th Tea Parties":

WARNING: Be on the lookout–
Bring your cameras.

Violent anarchists are planning on infilitrating and sabotaging the Tea Party Protests on April 15th.

Like Hoft says, be sure to bring your camera to any upcoming Tea Party event, especially the April 15 event. As I did at the local San Diego Kill the Bill Tea Party protest recently, having a camera to document the leftist bomb-thrower proved to blow apart the local news report of the event. Even better, make sure that you can video-record any incident that you see heralding from violent anarchists that wish to smear the movement and a press that will amply indulge them.

UPDATED: Wizbang has a to-do list if you plan on attending a Tea Party event and do not want to let the communist-anarchist bunch get their way:

This could get ugly. As someone who generally favors the Tea Party movement and has attended one such event, I'd like to offer my advice to the Tea Partiers some advice on how to deal with potential problems on April 15.

DO print out the plans and rants of these idiots and supply them to local police and press.

DO watch carefully for "infiltrators."

DO talk with others who will be attending and make plans for dealing with these assholes.

DO have plenty of cell phone cameras and other video recording devices recording everything you can.

DO NOT bring weapons to the rallies.

DO NOT openly confront them.

DO NOT be provoked by them.

The best ideas I've seen so far has been to identify and then isolate them, in a non-confrontational way. One notion was to surround them with people loudly praying, singing, or chanting folks who will not let themselves be provoked. Were I able to get the day off from The Day Job, I would be ideal for this task -- I am fairly large, very difficult to provoke to physical violence, and I have a very loud and very bad singing voice. If anyone remembers the time Drew Carey sang "God Bless America," that would be my role model.

Read the rest.


  1. Good advice. I'm sharing this with other Tea Party Patriots. :)

  2. heh. Looks like I was able to get a bit out in front of this one. Though, judging from Hoft at Gateway, among others, my original post was lacking in hysterical overreaction.

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  4. WARNING!!! Both the Tea party movement and this movement has been hijacked. This has happened before in history. The Black Panthers were growing and certain agencies feared them.

    They were divided and eventually they both cancelled themselves out. This is a tactic used over and over again. It's also used in other countries. It's called divide and conquer.

    Someone or some agency is using the same tactic to bring the Tea party members against the Anarchist so each group can cancel the other out. If you want to understand this more, please watch Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum for free at zeitgeist movie dot com. Then check out the zeitgeist movement . com and The Venus Project . com

    The Human race is one family, one organism composed of 6.5 billion cells/humans. Peace

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  5. Anarchists + Tea Party = Black Tea Party?

    There are obviously irreconcilable differences between Tea Partiers and anarchists. I’m not naive enough to advocate for any kind of Tea Party/anarchist coalition (“the Black Tea Party”?). But as a confrontation that would seem to have no potential for a positive outcome draws near, I worry that these two movements wil squander energy that could be focused on legitimate, mutual concerns involving serious threats to freedom that are rapidly emerging because they’ll be too busy arguing with each other.

    Full analysis here:

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  7. The best way to deal with Mrs. Lamonsoff (you have her name spelled wrong) is to make fun of her. I doubt if she'll have that idiotic website up much longer after her husband talks to her or perhaps her husband begins losing "business".

    She and her husband are well known in their local community. Now their life is public. Those who live in "glass houses" shouldn't throw stones.

    I have no idea what she was thinking when she called Tea Party Members "racists, homophobes, morons and a fake grass roots movement".

    I almost feel sorry for her because she really is a true liberal, self proclaimed elitist believer in Obama and Big Government.

    It will be a lesson learned.

  8. If people see racist hate posters, find the nearest cop, report them as not welcomed at the event. When the police haul them in, their voter ID can be checked and we then expose them.

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