Were Slurs Really Shouted?

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Yesterday, at a Tea Party gathering in Washington D.C. to protest ObamaCare, the racist card was pulled. Allegedly remarks that were racist and homophobic were shouted at certain black lawmakers and Barney Frank (D-MA). If  this is true (the following video casts question on the claims validity) it is repugnant, reprehensible, disrespectful, and lacking any place in American civil society. Rationale Nation USA goes on record  condemning any such behavior by anyone at any time.

However, to characterize the Tea Party movement in general as racist or homophobic, as some have attempted to do is ridiculous. Just as there are bad apples in any race, ethnicity, groups of people, nations etc. so to one can expect the Tea Party has some kooks and lunatics as well. But a few kooks and lunatics is not representative of the body as a whole.

Video that clearly show no racial or homophobic slurs being hurled at anyone.

Dana Loesch, of The Dana Show, a conservative talk radio host does an effective job of addressing this issue. Excerpts from the article.

"When faced with intellectual argument, and a litany of polls which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Americans do not want this fake reform, this health control bill, socialists fall on the only tactics they know: identity politics."


  1. The MSM WANTS racist slurs to be hurled -- as do the Dems. They need such incidents (real or conjured up) to undermine the protests' validity and popularity.

    One racist slur is worth more to their side than a thousand good protesters are worth to our side.

    Indeed, if I wanted to undermine our efforts, I'd PLANT such abusers in the Tea Party protests. Sadly, sometimes they don't need to.

    Let's be very careful out there. Stay on point -- taxes, spending and health care.

  2. Richard - I couldn't agree with you more! Keep up your important and patriotic work out on the "left coast." We certainly have our work to do on the "right coast."

    Tim is a real stalwart in the efforts to secure (liberty both economic and social) as well as honoring our constitutional mandate on the"left coast."

    Thank's for commenting and keep up your excellent and important work!

  3. There are three videos of that walk, different cameras, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary. I hear baby killer and lying crook but that is it, besides kill the bill.


    The cowboy hat guy in one yells something directly at Lewis, but you can't hear it, and there is an African Woman standing right next to him, with no reaction from her.

    Even IF this happened, the idea that they are painting 30,000 (500,000? how many tea partiers are there?) people as racist, and attacking them VICIOUSLY on all these liberal sites is just so frickin hypocritical. They have been vile for eight years on Bush, and VILE to Palin for two years now.

    I didn't see any Lewis is a N*gg*r shirts, but I sure did see a lot of Palin is a c*nt t-shirts during the campaign. And as for the attacks, the ones on tea partiers and Palin/Bush have been done by the media and high profile lefties. They want to attack all "teabaggers" for some alleged incident where a random idiot yelled something, all the while ignoring all the bile coming from them!

    Of course their are homophobes and racists in America, all over the world. But they have been attacking the tea partiers as racist, hatemongering homophobes, etc. from DAY ONE - the entire group! And that is just not true - but that is definitely why so many people are mad as hello! Hopefully no one did this, but even if one or two people did this, the Left has been beyond vile in attacking every single person at the event, blaming them for one persons actions.

    I'm so mad I could spit!

  4. american girl in italy - Thank you so much for providing further evidence of the left's hoax on America.

    What was so disheartening to me is that voices in the Republican base failed to call the media out on this. Not even the so called "conservative" media.

    Of course there really isn't an independent conservative media anyway. It is merely a myth.

    What we have today is the socialist media and the fascist/communist media. Take your pick of poison.

    I am so mad I could spit and a lot more.


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