Vile MSNBC Fan, Leftist Jason Brown Issues Death Threats to Sarah Palin on Twitter (SARAH PALIN TWITTER DEATH THREATS)

by the Left Coast Rebel

On the heels of the previous LCR exposé of Harry Weisiger and the Obama bumper sticker bumper car incident, I wasn't suprised to see that Patterico had found death threats made to Sarah Palin via. Twitter.

I wasn't surprised because I decided to jump into the hornet's nest at Memeorandum (the Obama bumper sticker/road rage meme). I found myself surrounded by vile leftist sites. I jumped into a fight - resulting in the same violent accusations (that the leftwing rats are throwing at the Tea Party crowd) thrown at me by trolls and even the proprietor of No More Mr. Nice Guy Blog:


So according to this idiot, I am 'propagating ideas that encourage violence on the part of simple minded, nearly retarded Tea Party people.' I found that he lives in San Fransicko, which doesn't surprise me.

Essentially it doesn't surprise me that people wish ill of Sarah Palin because the same people wish ill of me too. Mr. (not) so Nice Guy above was flanked by a dozen or so other trolls that cursed me out today and ran the gamut.

On that note, the violent Sarah Palin hater on Twitter goes by 'crazypeople2' and Twitter shows that his name is Jason Brown. Beyond that I don't know any other details on him. He's a big fan of MSNBC. And he would like to see Sarah Palin dead along with her family too. He wants Tea Party members dead too. Why isn't the FBI on this guy's ass?

This is disturbing and disgusting stuff, it's so very sad to see that none of the liberal sites are condemning this too. Are you surprised? Patterico has a huge list of stuff that violent Twitter leftist Jason Brown has said on Twitter, a lot of it recently as well. Here are a few screenshots:

palin tweet 2

palin tweet 4

palin tweet 1

Read the rest at Patterico's.


  1. Gotta love the poor desperate trolls, that only come to hate. They couldn't possibly come from the compassionate, tolerant left.

  2. Looks like we struck a nerve with the intellectually superior lib'ral left. Laughable!


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