Video: "America's Comeback"

by the Left Coast Rebel

What are your thoughts on this? This was put together by the Republican Governor's Association (RSA):

Via Memeorandum


  1. i think it's a good little overview of the sick elitism that is going on in washington-

  2. A waste of time and money. Why not put more time and effort into actually lobbying Washington, which by the way is acceptable for governors to do, to stop this power grab FROM the states and return the POWER to the states!

    Again, a waste of time and money.

  3. Great video.

    As Dave Mustaine once wrote, "it's still We the People, right?"

  4. I agree with Chris and add that the problem with the RNC is that somehow RINOs get in and make them look just like the libs... "WE" the people need real leadership! Not just people that want to be serverd.. ie Queen Pelosi... perks...
    why do we always hear the term "Serv" as if they are doing us a favor... they have a JOB! and are paid damn good! Too good if you ask me... rewarded too well for poor job performance!

  5. Pretty slick a la Mikey Moore.

    I agree with John above. All these repubugnicant candidates can sing the conservative tune when running, and they may actually be part of the choir, but once they hit Washington DC, (much of which was long ago a putrid malaria infested swamp, before the forefathers chose it as the nation's capital) they all catch Potomac Fever, resulting in unending streams of disingenuous verbal diarrhea and profligacy with OUR money.

  6. I agree with Chris and Libertarian Advocate.

    We do not have a truly conservative party in America. The Republicrats (to crib Savage)and Demicons (again Savage)will both take us to the same statist end. One perhaps just a bit slower than the other.

    Insidious evil lurks in in the halls of our republic. The question remains... is there time and the will to save it.

    As Ben Franklin said when asked if the founders had given us a monarchy or a republic, "A republic if you can keep it."

    We have been in the process of losing it for some time. With the Omamanation the speed at which it is unraveling is increasing exponentially.

    Tic toc... tic toc... tic toc...


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