Useful Idiot Race-Baiter Al Sharpton: "Americans Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected Obama" UPDATED:Jesse Jackson Confronts Tea Party

by the Left Coast Rebel

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Hmm, did I miss the memo? Was I asleep in 2008 when the America government/media complex heralded Obama as the socialist messiah to sweep us away from capitalist guilt? Was I hallucinating when Obama ran on 95% of Americans getting tax cuts, transparency, an end to lobbying and other Republican sounding bromides? Where was I when the press covered up every single thing from Obama's past that pointed him to a communist upbringing, tendency and ideology? What about his marxist/racist minister that baptized his children and wedded Obama? Nope - not a peep on any of these things from the government/media complex.

Al Sharpton seems to think that Americans, through his Dear Leader Obama; knowingly voted for socialism! I'm laughing all the way to the biggest landslide in American history, come November:

I'm sorry but Americans did not equate tyranny and communism to Hope and Change, despite what the Fearless Leader thinks as well.

UPDATED: Violent, raging mob hurls eptithets and the word n@gger at Jesse Jackson as he taunts Tea Party activists outside the Capitol on Sunday:

Oh, wait just a second - I listened again to the audio of this video and the press-meme didn't fit. I didn't hear a single racial slur despite the unsubstantiated claims (on Saturday) of all national press outlets, including The Hill. Shame on the evil communist government media complex for repeating a vicious lie.

UPDATED x2: Carol from Carol's Closet says it well:

No truer words have ever been spoken. At least not by the Rev. Al. Obama didn't hide his leanings or his intentions. It was all out there. But there are none so blind as those who will not see. There were a whole lot of people who would not see and now they feel like they've been bitch slapped. There were those of us who saw and tried our best to point out the path that Obama's election would lead us on but our fellow citizens closed their eyes, stuck their fingers in their ears and chanted "Yes, we can!" Yes, you did.

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