Tea Party Derangement Syndrome: Charles Johnson Thinks Tennessee State Flag 'Neo-Nazi'

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's no secret by now that the lunatic left is doing everything that they possibly can to smear the Tea Party movement with the raaaacism card. On queue, unhinged lefty nutjob blogger Charles Johnson from (once) popular Little Green Footballs is so hot on the trail of finding the racist/extremist Tea Party connection that he thought he hit paydirt from a shot at the Capital Kill the Bill rally. The shot he got his little-lizard fingers on is a still-shot from the 'spittle' incident video with Rep Emanuel. Note the flag that Johnson shrieked about as being neo-nazi:

Hmm, trouble is, the flag in question belongs to a state admitted into the Union in 1789. So, obviously nazis or the 'neo' variety didn't quite exist at that point:

Yes, the flag above is officially from the state of Tennessee. Oops. Charles Johnson is nothing more than your typical run-of-the-mill troll these days. And here at the Left Coast Rebel, we know all about those...

Read the rest of this story, icluding a screenshot at Weasel Zippers. I love what Zip calls Charles Johnson. Classic.

Via Memeorandum

UDPATED: Via University of Tennessee, Glenn Reynolds - Instapundit,

The Tennessee State Flag was designed by a fellow named LeRoy Reeves of the Third Regiment, Tennessee Infantry. It was officially adopted by the Tennessee State Legislature on April 17, 1905.

The geometric design sybolizes the geographical and cultural heritage of the state of Tennessee while echoing the colors of the national flag of The United States of America. The color white symbolizes purity. The blue sybolizes the love that Tennesseans feel for their state and the red sybolizes, that in times of war and peace, Tennesseans are true-blooded Americans.

1905 - Hitler's birthdate(1889) = 16. Hmmm, I don't think the Third Reich was quite raging in 1905 or when Adolf was 16. No wait, I see that 'neo-nazis' were 'doing their thing' in Europe, beginning in the 1950s. What say you, Lizard? Also, Reynolds links to this:


  1. I know all about the trolls.

  2. So glad CJ veered left. He'll blend in better over there.


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