Stupak and the Collapse of Rational Opposition

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Here you have it folks. Representative Stupak, the one issue representative (abortion foe) has SOLD OUT on liberty and your freedom to choose. President Barrack Hussein Obama has apparently struck a deal with the one issue representative that won him over.

What was the deal? You guessed it. The Prez has apparently agreed to signing an executive order banning federal government funding of abortion. While this is a good thing it does not guarantee the same will hold true for  the future.

Further it does absolutely zip, zero, nada, to insure the right of each and every individual to choose their insurer, or the quality of care they so desire. Stupak, with his singular issue has done absolutely nothing to insure the right the individual to choose the level of insurance and care they desire. 

In short Representative Stupak has sold out on American citizens ability to choose. As a result, if this bill ultimately passes and weathers the court battles sure to follow we will all have suffered the further loss of individual liberty.

The White House, knowing  that after passage of the abomination that is ObamaCare there will be further and sweeping changes to the bill is more than happy to sign the executive order banning federal funding of abortion. For now anyway... and so goes politics.

The real issue is whether we as Americans will retain the right to choose. Whether liberty and the importance of self reliance and individualism is to survive in America. Representative Stupak's vote indicates that even conservative democrats care not a bit about individual liberty and the right to self reliance and one's right to choose the course of their lives.

Here is a segment of the response by Stupak on his switch.

“ We've always said. . .that we were for health care reform, but there was a principle that meant more to us than anything, and that was the sanctity of life,”

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  1. I have zero trust for these guys. I bet this was planned. The commie-Dems find a few so-called pro-lifers and say, "Don't worry, abortion is in there, but you oppose it until we pull it out last minute. Then we give the illusion we're negotiating and the vote is close, up until the last minute" then suddenly they "negotiate" and get the threshold votes FOR the bill. They are playing us like a fiddle.

  2. Hey Michigan’s 1st District Looking for A New Representative to Replace Stupak?

    Dr Dan Benishek wants to be your new Representative.

  3. It will be interesting to see what the Motion to Recommit contains. If it is just the Stupak Amendment, things could get dicey for some members.

    This may not be a done deal yet, but I'm not holding out hope.


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