Health Care Vote:The Socialist Revolution is Here - House Democrats Force Obamacare Through, 219-212

by the Left Coast Rebel

Democrats just voted for Obamacare 219-212. I repeat, a Democrat-Leninist takeover of 1/6 of our economy, our health and our lives was just passed by 219-212. I hear weeping across the beautiful land that I call home. Although I may sound like I have retained my composure, I have not. Although it may sound like I do not fear like I never thought I would for the nation, I do. Although I never thought in a million years that this nation, an experiment borne of 223 years of freedom and liberty would succumb to a skinny little man that cannot even stop smoking - I still have hope for America. I look now to the next battles and the urgency to save this nation. Where are we heading in the next few days, weeks and months up to November? Will our new leadership, come November, have the guts and determination to stop the socialism that our Founders created this nation as an experiment from?

I never would have thought this evil would have reached our shores.

UPDATED: George Washington weeps with the country at the Capitol yesterday. The tyrants heard us not:

UPDATED x2: Ace of Spades provides the quote of the moment:
We can rally tomorrow to take back Congress, repeal the bill, and impeach the Communist in Chief's ass once we get subpeona power and are able to find out all the laws he's broken to pass this one.

But Ace also points to a sobering Mark Steyn piece from NRO:
If Barack Obama does nothing else in his term in office, this will make him one of the most consequential presidents in history. It's a huge transformative event in Americans' view of themselves and of the role of government. You can say, oh, well, the polls show most people opposed to it, but, if that mattered, the Dems wouldn't be doing what they're doing. Their bet is that it can't be undone, and that over time, as I've been saying for years now, governmentalized health care not only changes the relationship of the citizen to the state but the very character of the people. As I wrote in NR recently, there's plenty of evidence to support that from Britain, Canada and elsewhere.

More prosaically, it's also unaffordable. That's why one of the first things that middle-rank powers abandon once they go down this road is a global military capability. If you take the view that the US is an imperialist aggressor, congratulations: You can cease worrying. But, if you think that America has been the ultimate guarantor of the post-war global order, it's less cheery. Five years from now, just as in Canada and Europe two generations ago, we'll be getting used to announcements of defense cuts to prop up the unsustainable costs of big government at home. And, as the superpower retrenches, America's enemies will be quick to scent opportunity.

Longer wait times, fewer doctors, more bureaucracy, massive IRS expansion, explosive debt, the end of the Pax Americana, and global Armageddon. Must try to look on the bright side...

UPDATED x3:I'm reading reactions from readers at WaPo where the story broke (highlighting the non Obamabot ones):

A1965bigdog wrote:Republicans did their duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the US and not vote for this Communist abomination. The Federal gov't has no right to do this.

You Dumbocrats are going to be sorry in November, especially when we hang those 16000 new IRS agents around your sorry necks!!!

No one but the bottom feeders want this legislation, but we all get to pay for it!

ProCounsel wrote:
Results of ObamaCare:

1. First, the Bad. America lost, no sugar coating this defeat. The moral, political and financial consequences will be worse than even obama realizes.

2. The Republicans stood firm–no defections. This was extremely bold and we, and more importantly,America owe them our thanks. Leaders among the Republicans earned battlefield commissions here and we were proud of them.

Courageous dems stood against the evil of obamcare mandatory abortion coverage and they should also be remembered individually. As a matter of Honor we must insure Obama does not succeed in his pogrom against the pro life dems.

Also, the Republicans formed a coalition that amazed and stunned many and divided team obama extremely efficiently.

3. Tea Party third party division is now moot–everyone realizes the danger now of obama’s agenda. Nothing imposes group cohesion like being shot at by team obama. The dems will face an extremely focused, motivated, and united enemy on November 2, 2010.

The Dems have won the Battle but lost the War.

4. Joshua and Caleb never suggested or requested separation from Israel–even though they individually were innocent. They stayed with the Tribe. We, as Americans must do likewise–America is the greatest country and we must endure the consequences of obamacare until we can get this reversed.

The arrogance of the Dems was amazing.

This too, will pass.

Proverbs 16:4 (New International Version)

4 The LORD works out everything for his own ends—
even the wicked for a day of disaster.

as the Republican Congress member wisely quoted:

Hebrews 12

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

joanne38 wrote:
Get ready for the great great depression. If you think the unemployment rate was high yesterday, you haven't seen nothing yet. Extreme removals start tomorrow. We will follow Greece into a bankrupt country.

UPDATED x4: You are not alone tonight.I love this from MAinfo:

I needed some time with my family. I am heartsick that the Senate health care abomination passed the house. My daughter was in tears on the drive home. She knows that kids her age will be punished under this bill. She wonders why she busted her buns all these years getting good grades, and now having a decent job lined up after her June graduation. They will tax her too much. :-( Today was a happy and sad day for me.

And just like on 9/11, I am filled with resolve. There is nothing this country can't overcome.

UPDATED x5: At Blogprof - Liberty dies with thunderous applause.

Also, Boehner makes impassioned plea on House floor:

Via Instapundit, The Washington Examiner:

“Never before in American history has a measure of such importance been imposed on the country by the majority party over the unanimous opposition of the minority. Democrats have continually sought to create a halo effect for Obamacare by associating it with Social Security and Medicare. But the reality is that both of those landmark programs were approved with strong bipartisan support in both the Senate and House.”


  1. To all who voted for this, and to the "Americans" who voted for Obama and his Congressional comrades:

    Be prepared for the backlash of your America-hating arrogance. We have been taking notes. We have been taking names. We are not weak or half as stupid as you would believe us to be.

    In our American spirit flows the blood of Patriots, and we aim to finish this war that you began.

    Consider yourselves warned. This is just the beginning of the end of your rule over us.

    Long Live the Republic.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Conservative Firestorm
    Veritas & Libertas

    Liberate tutume ex inferis.

  2. I am not surprised. We gave it a good fight, but the fight has just begun. They will not force me into their system that violates the Constitutional. Nancy Pelosi can stick all 2000 pages of this healthcare bill up her ass!

  3. We were sold out by anti-abortion democrats. We are screwed. It is unprecedented that social reform has ever been repealed. Wait for immigration and cap and tax. The illegals are already knocking on Obama's door. The GOP being the default other choice isn't comforting. We've really been let down here.

  4. @Bungalow Bill,

    I see a line drawn in the sand, and it is called Freedom.

  5. We now know the supposed pro-life Democratic house member Bart Stupak and others aligned with him were lying about their plans to vote no on Obamacare if the abortion funding was included. They have played the people assuming we are fools. We should of known from the start they were Democrats and party affiliation trumps any convictions they have or say to have for political expediency.

  6. This is the country that elected BHO in Nov 08. Elections have consequences.

    I don't know if America can be awakened from its slumber.

    If Americans were paying attention, there would be millions of people in the streets, not just thousands. If Americans were paying attention, Obama's approval ratings would be in the teens.

    America has had plenty of time to wake up.

  7. Lets start to take America back now.

  8. Not one Republican Voted for this "Unicorn Utopia"
    That has never happened before on a piece of legislation this size in the history of our country.

    14,000 new IRS agents being hired because the Democrats who don't pay their own taxes, don't think we are being harassed enough paying into their bureaucratic kitty.

  9. As a Canadian I was unable to vote or donate for Obama, but I did volunteer work. I am thus glad to welcome our American neighbors to the 21st Century.

  10. Quoted from and Linked to at:
    DEFCON 1: 'What Comes Next? We Fight.'
    It's Time To ROC 'N' ROLL:
    Restore Our Constitution & Restore Our Lost Liberties



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