Writing on the wall: Countdown gets higher ratings without vitriolic, sexist Olbermann

So by now you may have heard that CNN is in trouble. Check. You know that Fox News is likely to take over the world. Check. But, did you hear the Countdown faired better without Olbermann in February?

Via Mediaite

“a strange thing happened in the first quarter of 2010 – the 8pmET landmark show Countdown fared better without regular host Keith Olbermann than with him.

Olbermann was out all but one day during March before returning Monday due to the illness and death of his father. During that month, with Lawrence O’Donnell serving as the fill-in anchor, Countdown averaged 262,000 in the demo and 1,052,000 in total viewers. In January, the program averaged 1,000 more in the demo but 49,000 less in total viewers. In February, the program had 255,00 in the demo and 963,000 in total viewers. The year-to-year difference was also least in March than January or February. Overall though, the show is down 42% in the demo and 26% in total viewers year-to-year in the quarter.”

Are there any openings at ESPN?

Mediate explains that the health care debate was the likely cause of Countdown minus Olbermann big success:

The March ratings are likely helped by the health care debate, which upped ratings across the board on cable news. And no one would say MSNBC is better off with O’Donnell instead of Olbermann at 8pmET. But it does raise the question whether Olbermann still commands the audience he once did.

I’m inclined to agree with Mediaite with regards to replacing Olbermann. Is the second viewer really worth switching hosts?

It is also interesting that as Olbermann's stock is in the tank, the main object of Olbermann's sexism and vitriol, Sarah Palin, is rising fast.

God forgive you, sir!

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  1. I love Olbermann - he epitomizes everything vitriolic about the left!


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