Reconciliation Turns to Simple Majority, Nancy Pelosi Says 'She'll get the Votes'

by the Left Coast Rebel

Orwellian Obama-speak. Socialism sold to an unwilling American public. War on terror - overseas contingency operation. Jihadist suicide bomber - manmade disaster. What does a tyrant do when his agenda cannot muster public support? Change the language!

Those are just two of many, the latest is Orwellian newsspeak for socialized medicine in the method of passing such legislation. Reconciliation connotes an (un) democratic image in the public so the Obama-Orwell-bots have come up with a much nicer sounding word for tyranny - passage of Obamacare by 'simple majority'.

The question is - will it work? I think it won't, Americans are more cleary against socialized medicine 'reforms' more clearly than any issue ever. The madness and lunacy of Obama and Congress-lemmings bent on a suicide march off a proverbial cliff is shrugged off by polling. Nevertheless, a fool from San Francisco thinks that this can be done simply - by a simple majority.

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