Aerial Pictures/Photos of Searchlight Tea Party, State-Press CNN Estimates Crowd at 'Dozens...'

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Editor's Note) - For those that may have missed it, LCR live-blogged the Searchlight Tea Party, including dozens of pictures of the event as well as discourse with the NYT writer that smeared the Tea Party movement yesterday. Be sure to check it out.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit got his hands on several aerial shots of the Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party - the Showdown in Searchlight. U.S. border-watchdog organization (doing great work for the nation), American Patrol photographed the event. American Patrol had a helicopter above the Searchlight Tea Party and took several shots.You can misunderestimate, belittle and lie about the size of the Tea Party movement, you can run but you can't hide, CNN, main stream press:

This shot was taken an hour and a half into the Showdown at Searchlight event, American Patrol notes, people were lining the highway trying to get in:


Incredible. An aerial photograph at the Searchlight Tea Party, looking down at the crowd (like the press does, but literally), Heh:


Another aerial picture of 'dozens':


About those 'dozens' that clearly attended the Searchlight Tea Party. Jim Hoft was up later than I was last night and caught the CNN report via Newsbusters that noted Palin's speech and the Searchlight Tea Party crowd. Newsbusters: the Tea Party Express event on March 27 in Searchlight, Nev., which former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke, CNN's Fredericka Whitfield wasn't quite prepared to give the rally credit it was due as far as participation. She estimated that hundreds, but if not, "at least dozens of people" were in attendance.

But don't take my word (or Newsbuster's)for it, here's the clip:

Well at least she said, 'perhaps dozens' which is better than the dead-tree legacy press like NYT that will employ the most effective form of state-press propaganda - to simply ignore. Doug Ross puts it well:
All of the Democrat puzzle pieces are coming together: we have dozens of unaccountable "Czars" in Washington, a Politburo-style Congress that continually ignores the will of the people, a charismatic demagogue who dismisses and mocks those who dare to oppose his radical agenda, and a state-run media that would make the old Pravda beam with pride.
Indeed, Pravda would beam with pride. And if Americans don't even know what Pravda was then that is precisely the problem too. More discussion on this topic at Memeorandum. Be sure to check out Robert Stacy McCain's on-the-ground report too.

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  1. Wow! Nice to see that the post-Obamacare-passage burnout they were predicting isn't coming to fruition and that people are keeping up the fight!

    When is CNN going to realize the connection between sloppy, easy disprovable reporting like this and its rapidly decling viewership numbers?
    Just because its core audience may believe in unicorns and that ObaMao walks on water doesn't mean that the rest of us (who aren't on med.s for psychological disorders...) are gullible.


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