Pelosi and Reid Viewed Unfavorably

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

As hard as it is to believe the majority of Americans do not hold an opinion of House Speaker Pelosi or Senate Majority leader Reid. Given the front and center exposure they received over the last year due to ObamaCare it is actually unbelievable, at least in this individuals mind.

The good news however is that for those who do hold an opinion the unfavorable ratings are running at 3.36 to 1 for Pelosi and 2.88 to 1 for Reid. Both could have a difficult time holding onto their power. We can only hope the numbers result in them being turned out of office soon.



  1. Happy Birthday Nancy and good luck in your new job, what ever it may be.

  2. Why wait for November? Why wait until Obama tries to force another socialist program down our throats? Now is not the time to shrivel away. Now is the time to stand up and fight back harder then ever before. Now is the time to take the fight to them. Will you join us on a campaign to DESTROY THE MOUTHPIECE OF OBAMA'S SOCIALIST AGENDA, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA? WE ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY, A FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE. Join the fight here,

  3. lady di - Amen to that!

    Stopthepresses - Thanks for the link. Will be checking it out soon!

  4. I still can't believe that 36% (Pelosi) & 50% (Reid) "haven't heard enough"??!! HUH?? Are they living under a rock with their fingers in their ears!? And these people vote ... so what this says to me is We The Tea Party folks we need a mass mailing and/or canvassing campaign to reach every one. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. :)

  5. Sparky - Sadly these two (and their Messiah)have ears and eyes only for their socialist cause.

    Deaf... blind... and dumb.


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