Paul Ryan for President?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I've always thought that the candidate for the conservative cause in 2012 would come out of nowhere and surprise a lot of people. This person would likely be someone that not many are aware of, other than conservative political junkies like me and that he (heck, she too), would be the person of the time, the moment, the 'man of the hour' so to speak. I really think that is the way that it will unfold - we still don't know who this person is.

After yesterday's disastrous 'f'-you to to 59% of the country (I kid you not in a CNN poll from today, no less), from the Obamanation and Congress; Obamacare's defunding, repeal or dismantling will be the forefront issue for us. Don't you agree? It is simply the most urgent, pertinent issue to conservatives and the nation now.

And that explains, perhaps, why we see Mitt Romney - the same Mitt Romney that conceived Massachusett's Obamacare - denunciating Obamacare rather loudly today. Getting ahead of the conservative-curve, Romney? I think his time has passed and his toxic relationship to Romneycare/Obamacare-Northeastern version sinks his shot at the nod.

Who does get pushed to the front of the line though? After watching Paul Ryan's remarks in opposition to Obamacare I have to ask - Paul Ryan for President? Think about it. This guy is no RINO (TARP support being a glaring wound, though I admit). He's young. He's brilliant on the economy. He's well spoken and articulate. He's precisely right about the course that we are on. Is he tough enough to command this country back to it's proper course? Could he be the man for the times? Should we start a Draft Paul Ryan 2012 campaign? I'll let you decide:


  1. I was actually thinking the same thing earlier today. My only worry is rather pathetically superficial: he looks too much like a fucking politician. Still, he talks like he actually believes it -- wouldn't that be a pleasant change?

  2. Oh, and dude -- you don't allow incendiary language on your comments? Come on!

  3. You guys are going to run a guy who wants to eliminate Medicare and Social Security as we know them while drastically shifting the nation's tax burden to the middle class, even more than it's already been shifted?

    Please! Please! We on the left are begging you to nominate this guy!

  4. @ Divorce - Great minds think alike. I agree though, Ryan needs a makeover. Yes, I don't allow incendiary language (but every once in a while)...

    @ Rightcoast - Yes indeed!

    @ Steve - ***Yawn, yawn, yawn***
    Thanks for the leftard link.

  5. I don't know much about Ryan but he definitely deserves a look.

    That was a great speech he gave yesterday.

  6. Paul Ryan for Pres!...its a no brainer... the guy gets it and has a grasp of the numbers. Would love to see Ryan square off vs obama

  7. I have been saying the same thing for the last month, since I saw him at the "bipartisan" summit on health care and I thought he blew everyone away with his analysis. I also don't underestimate Michelle Bachmann (sp?) from Minnesota ... seems well-reasoned & well-spoken. Not for president, but as a rising star. Thanks to NRO for introducing me to your blog

  8. Paul Ryan is da man! Unlike the manufactured fakeness of BO, PR is the real deal. Undeniably, he has the kind of political persona that could whip the Dems' butts and bring sensibility to fiscal governance before the U.S. becomes another Greece and Communist China becomes the lone superpower. Ryan won't run in 2012 for reasons he has already made known. But in 8 or 12 years, he will be seasoned, nationally more prominent, and older and wiser. When he does run, God will save the Republic. By the way, I used to be a HillaryDem. Now I'm an Independent, thanks to the BO stench in the White House.

  9. PAUL RYAN is the ONLY one who can make Barack Obama a "one-termer".

    We NEED him for 2012, because we CANNOT have this President in the White House until 2016. It is imperative that these socialists be ousted NOW!

    Can you just imagine watching a debate between Paul Ryan and Barack Obama? Ryan would annihilate him!

    He is "crack-jack" smart! And he is absolutely fearless. He is ethical and he holds to the same dream as Founders - that America is an "IDEA". An idea which is going to disappear under the current regime.

    MOST important: He would receive the much-required independent voter.


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