Obama's Next Target - Public Education

by the Left Coast Rebel

This Sunday morning at Google News I saw a story at none other than The Hindu (Indian?) that extolls the virtues of Obama's new education 'overhaul'. As I was reading this week via Obama's student loan nationalization/socialization tour (why not, if we are already steeped into generational theft and on the precipice of national bankruptcy, it makes perfect sense), this fits perfectly into Obama's hope-change dismantling agenda.

Here's the thing, as a conservative/libertarian kinda guy, I am obviously, adamantly 100% against whatever this horrible man is going to do or trying to do with the education system. It will just be more centralization and federal control when the educational system needs the opposite - more local control and privatization. Politico today outlines the 'new' White House plan. These things are known, the Orwellian thing, however, is simply this shot of Barack Hussein Obama via. The Hindu:

As today is Sunday and many of you are attending your respective places of worship, I am sure that you can assume what I thought of the above graphic. Some apparently are (internationally) pushing the Messiah still. Fortunately, as I realized in 2008 and still think today - I already have one.

Speaking of the Messiah (funny that Rational Nation used an Obama/Messiah graphic today too - how do you guys like his LCR contributions?), the White House unveiled it's 'new' education plan on Saturday. There's discussion at Memeorandum on just that, I like what LCR friend Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit had to say:

Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is nearly 10% under this administration and deficits are through the roof, Team Obama and the radicals in Congress will focus on revamping the education system next if they are able to ram Slaughtercare through Congress.

That pretty much sums it up, read the rest here.

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  1. The administration must realize that they lost the adults so the best get to work on brainwashing the children.


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