Obama/Carter Billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado: Jimmy Carter Billboard "they can't call me the worst president anymore"

carter billboard

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I have reached a saturation point and must rest my mind today from the fascist health care takeover, I thought this story was perfect to cleanse the palate. Yet another billboard has been spotted,(abvove) this one shows the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter pondering, "they can't call me the worst president anymore." Case in point, even Jimmy Carter wouldn't have pushed a socialist scheme to destroy our medical system and economy, ''they can't call me the worst president anymore'' rings particularly true this Sunday, the day of the 'vote' on HC.

Seeing as this billboard was paid for by an organization of small business owners, I assume that the Obamanation is quite bewildered by such angst and hostility. In fact, he may consider this a compliment since he probably considers Jimmy Carter to be the best President this nation has had in 30 years and 'worst' for the Obamanation means 'best' in Orwellian news speak. Readers - let me know if you see this billboard in Colorado or any others. Send me a photograph that is better resolution if you don't mind. (Via Memeorandum)


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  1. There is another Carter billboard on IH 45 south of Dallas which has President Carter's picture and the caption " Miss me yet"


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