Obama Misspells Syracuse with 'Sycasuse' on His NCAA Bracket, ESPN Edits

by the Left Coast Rebel

I don't point you to this story because it's as big as taking over, by force, 1/6 of the U.S. economy but because it is simply a teachable moment on how the press works. Here is an image of precisely what Obama wrote. Sycasuse:
Image via HotAirPundit, via Newsbusters. Here is why Obama's misspelling of Syracuse is a big deal (or at least, as I said, a teachable moment), Newsbusters:

CBS and NBC, which have delivered very friendly interviews with President Barack Obama (link below the jump to examples), on Wednesday night characterized Bret Baier's sit-down with Obama for the Fox News Channel as “contentious,” while ABC decided to devote nearly two minutes of World News (1:50) to Obama's college basketball tournament choices.

Anchor Diane Sawyer teased at the start of the March 17 newscast, “Top picks: Stream of consciousness as the Fan-in-Chief completes his college basketball bracket.”

On the NBC Nightly News, Kelly O'Donnell referred to the “contentious interview with Fox News.” Chip Reid, on the CBS Evening News, added a modifier as he saw “a very contentious interview.”

The ABC story on Obama's basketball picks consisted of highlights from corporate cousin ESPN's session with Obama as he filled out a big bracket chart, and World News included Obama's spelling challenge. “Should be an R in there,” ESPN's Andy Katz corrected Obama upon spotting how the President had misspelled “Syracuse” as “Sycacuse.”

Check out the ABC Obama misspelling at:40.

Anyone recall the Dan Quayle potatoe/potato broo-ha-ha? Read the rest at HotAirPundit.


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