Milton R. Wolf, M.D. Reads the Left Coast Rebel: I'm Proud to Call Barack Hussein Obama's Cousin a Friend

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just recently became aware of Milton R. Wolf, M.D. (who blogs at The Wolf Files) through the Code Red Kill the Bill rally in Washington D.C. last weekend. Someone mentioned to me that Milton Wolf was a 2nd cousin of Barack Hussein Obama and I confirmed it. This truth would not be anything unexceptional if not for the fact that Dr. Wolf is a huge opponent of Obamacare. On top of that, he's a super-interesting guy, has made several press appearances and is a reader of the Left Coast Rebel!

When I got two emails from him yesterday it gave me a shot of energy, a little awakening from the doldrums; something I was in dire need of. The tonic being just how powerful the interweb is for my cause, just how interconnected we all are and just how that plays into bringing down the power structure that threatens our country. Essentially I have the power of access to information that the huge cash-bleeding corporate power houses (dead tree-press) do. It's awesome when you think about it.

Dr. Milton R. Wolf pointed me to a new organization founded by the same group that organized the Code Red Rally. This time around they are organizing the ejection of every single House Democrat-socialist that voted for Obamacare. It's run around a site called Fire the 219. I think you should join, support and follow.

I'll see if I can contact Dr Wolf and ask him some questions for an LCR exclusive. In the meantime here is Milton R. Wolf M.D. at the Code Red Rally:


  1. One of the best parts of this job is meeting people like this who share a common belief. I think this story is very cool! Good for you Tim! Good things continue to happen for you.

  2. Wolf is a great writer and a great speaker. Congrats on your growing success here at LCR.

  3. Excellent story Tim. Thanks for bringing it to "press."

  4. Nice post, Reb. We must keep reminding ourselves that there's more of us than they've ever imagined.

  5. You Rock!!
    Thank you for all you are doing to get the great stories out there!!

    There is hope!!


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