Michelle Bachmann Encourages Civil Disobedience?

by the Left Coast Rebel

The left wing is certainly making it seem that Michelle Bachmann is encouraging civil disobedience if Obamacare is passed via. the 'Slaughter' solution. I think she is just aknowledging the elephant in the room that we are all thinking as well but many are afraid to say. That is this - are Americans obligated to civilly disobey a coercive, tyrannical and unconstitutional health care law (h/t Riehl World View):

Dan Riehl, via Memeorandum states:

It's unclear whether or not Obama and his Democrats want to provoke a Constitutional crisis that could make Watergate look more like a misdemeanor, than a high crime. Personally, I can't see myself bending to what would be, in effect, a non-law. The word to attempt a takeover of such a significant portion of the economy and American life through un-Constitutional means is tyranny, not law.

If they try it, it could easily mark the end of Obama and most likely the Democrats as a significant political force in America for years - possibly decades.

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