Flash Protest/Kill the Bill Rally in San Diego, California, Left Coast Rebel Meets Temple of Mut - UPDATED:Leftist Shouts Epithets at Crowd

by the Left Coast Rebel

This morning I decided to show some solidarity with my local San Diego sisters and brothers in the liberty/Tea Party movement by attending the Kill the Bill Rally on Broadway between 2nd and 3rd, downtown San Diego. The rally took place from 10AM PST to 12PM PST and I would guess that there were several hundred in attendance.

And were they ever there! I sensed optimism and strength, I caught a glimpse of citizens that are just as normal and as concerned as I am - I sensed a group of noble patriots that have been driven out of a peaceful, quiet existence to political activism because of Washington's efforts to overthrow our way of life.

For anyone that is burned out and discouraged today when it seems that Washington has only accelerated it's coercion and corruption, I would recommend that you attend a rally like this - I came away invigorated and excited from the comradery of like-minded patriots.

So instead of bloviating I am going to take you on a little trip with pictures of today's San Diego Kill the Bill rally.

Starting off, a little irony. As I was walking to the Kill the Bill locale, I spotted these two cars that looked more like go-carts than cars. They were mini smart cars. Since the occupants were eco-lefties they had no interest in the Kill the Bill rally. Was Al Gore touring San Diego?:

Here, (below), I am walking up to the rally, the crowd is on the other side of the street from me. I noticed that 75% of the cars passing by were honking and waving hands out their windows - even cabbies! A Tea Party patriot on the median that you can see had a sign that said, 'Honk to Kill the Bill':

kill the bill rally 002 edited

Stand up for Liberty! Allen R. of San Diego was the first individual that I conversed with. He struck me as quite the militia member and perhaps a racist too (note the clean shaven head). Horror of horrors, he told me that he is active in his church! Joking aside, Allen is a Tea Party activist that is totally fed up with the GOP and has never trusted the Democratic party either. He told me that he feels like the nation's future is slipping through his fingers. Allen blogs at Manalive7!. Also, he hates the derogatory term 'teabagger' and the liberal press too. I could tell he was a great guy:

kill the bill rally 004

Getting closer to the crowd, there were several bullhorn-patriots chanting 'Kill the Bill' and horns honking in appreciation (remember close to 70% of San Diego is against Obamacare):

kill the bill rally 015edit

A patriot with a bullhorn. She was the first to take down the lone malcontent that was screaming at the crowd and nearly caused a small altercation (more on that later). It's about time that we do what the Left does and let our voices be heard:

kill the bill rally 013edit

The Left Coast Rebel mingles with Patriots:

kill the bill rally 019edit

Behold astroturf. The Tea Party movement is white and blue collar + Red, White and Blue. I couldn't agree more:

kill the bill rally 023edit

These two fine Patriots are adamantly opposed to local leftist radical Congresswoman Susuan Davis. They are looking to the resurgent liberty movement to oust her. The lady on the left is Cynthia Yohasz and she runs a dental lab in San Diego. Leslie at TOM notes that Cynthia is taxed at well north of 40% and is fed up with tax and spend socialism. The lady on the right is Lisa Sinclair and she runs a small business, Sassy Chef Aprons. (Updated) - Lisa also sells conservative politcal products, apparel and other great stuff. Check out her store at GetRightBack. I mentioned to them that I heard about the rally at The Temple of Mut and they proceeded to point out the propietor of the Mut site to me (coming up). Two quality individuals, pleased to meet you both:

kill the bill rally 025edited

I am hot on the trail for a Mut - the Temple of Mut. I spot a lady taking notes like a journalist (she is a recovering journalist) would and I think it is her:

kill the bill rally 031edit

Leslie Eastman is her name (at left) and she is a great patriot and blogger too. She told me that many people think she looks a bit like Sarah Palin or Tina Fey. I could see that. It is great to put a face to a site - blogging can be so impersonal at times. To Leslie's right is a friend of hers (updated - her name is Sarah Bond, another local activist) that is a Tea Party activist as well. Who said that Tea Party activists weren't pretty?:

kill the bill rally 028edit

I met Charles Fettinger and his wife/girlfriend(?) Media and had a great chat with them. Charles here is a Tea Party activist and also runs his own line of Patriot apparel. He wass donning one of his favorites, a 'Riders Wanted' Paul Revere shirt when I met him. Interestingly, Charles subs out his apparel stuff to the Left Coast Printing Pros company. We thought that was ironic. Go here for his Cafe Press site. Check out my favorite, the 'GREEN IS THE NEW RED' shirts.

kill the bill rally 033

Here's a shot of Charles and Media from Facebook:

About that little action (or near altercation), the only excitement out of an otherwise totally peaceful event. Here's how it went. The bald fellow below holding the small dog started yelling at a Tea Partier across the street:

kill the bill rally 006<span class=

This guy then thought he would confront the object of his ire directly, by crossing the street:

kill the bill rally 007edit

And they got in a nice little shouting match. At one point the guy called the crowd 'angry teabagger 'f' words' and what not. He was duking it out with the 'traitors' guy:

kill the bill rally 009edit

And before you could say 'boo!' the angry guy and several Tea Party activists had settled down and were (heatedly) discussing HC policy. I kid you not! Sad to say the leftist press does not want you to be privy of this reality. If only the Democrat-socialists were so civil. Talk about a teachable moment:

kill the bill rally 016edit

I have to admit something though. This guy's poor little chihuahua looked frightened to death. Signing off for now America, pray for America tonight and that we Kill the Bill!

Leslie at the Temple of Mut has another angle on this bald agitator guy, she thinks it may have been a setup:
Long-time Tea Party activist Kirstin has this report: “It looked like a total set-up. There was a camera man nearby, it looks like from NBC. The bald guy only came over and started yelling when the camera was focused on him. He was aggressive, nasty, and totally came into people’s personal space. I was very proud that it was a bunch of us women who went over and talked to him, and I noticed his demeanor changed after the camera was off. His said is position was this: You ave to have massive change and the government has got to be fully involved.”

Read the rest of her report from the event here.

UPDATED x2: The leftist press is trying (again, as always) to paint the Tea Party movement as racists/bigots/homophobes or whatever fits the flavor of the day. HuffPo (discussion here) has a report up where a Tea Partier said the 'n' word and one said f*ggot to Barney Frank or something. And you know what? So what. I'll say it here, I don't like those words but democracy is ugly. Get over it.

As I pointed out in my post here, the San Diego Kill the Bill rally featured a crazy bald guy with a chihuahua (that could have been an NBC plant) that called everyone there 'f$%ing teabaggers' and such. Does that mean that everyone that is for Obamacare is a prick and a jerk like this guy was? Of course not. Get over it people, 99.9% of Tea Party Patriots are peaceful. Most liberals are too (even thought they want to take my rights and freedoms away from me). Jammie Wearing Fool points out the innate hypocrisy and ludicrous absurdity of the lefwing blogosphere on this issue, the same folks that have been calling Tea Party activists 'teabaggers' for months now. And you know what? Jammie points out that the accusations of slurs being used are disproven too. Show me the video. Show it. What a nation we have become - the left is hellbent on a socialist scheme to take over our medical system and this is the best that they can do?

UPDATED x3:Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit links, thanks! Dana Loesch has more:

When faced with intellectual argument, and a litany of polls which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Americans do not want this fake reform, this health control bill, socialists fall on the only tactics they know: identity politics.

A plethora of shrieking socialists around the webernetz (again) defamed an entire movement today by insisting that these peaceful (even when being beaten by SEIU folks) protesters are RACISTS! and HOMOPHOBES! (they’ve obviously never listened to my weekday show) for – well, if someone calls someone a RACIST! or HOMOPHONE! then surely, they wouldn’t just casually throw the term out due to spite out of respect for those minorities who truly do deal with discrimination, right?


No, the word on the webernetz is that you are a RACIST! or HOMOPHOBE! for opposing big government.


No, I’m completely serious. What those who are actual bigots and prejudiced against minorities are called now, I dunno, because that term has been co-opted for application against those who stand against a bloated federal government.

A CNN reporter, yes, CNN, the home of the infamous Susan Rosegen, claimed to have heard racist slurs and shouts; other bloggers picked it up. I mean, if you’re going to smear a group of people by claiming that they were shouting slurs, perhaps make sure you don’t post video that completely refutes your claim and makes you look like a race hustler. Just saying.


  1. Great account of the rally. The right to a peaceful demonstration is what this country is all about.

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for the great pics.

  3. A great account. Temple of Mut has additional info on the altercation with Mr. Bald. PS. It was awesome meeting you as well.

  4. What a bunch of troublemakers. It is obvious by looking at this bunch that they were radical right wingers who can face the fact they are defeated....

  5. Great run down of the day's events. Thanks for for being engaged in the cause and taking the time to blog it.

  6. Thank you for the great coverage!! Linking in our update. And you get extra points for saying Leslie and I are pretty ;-)

    Wonderful to meet you and we will put a link to your blog at our site. Gotta build the army of San Diego super bloggers!!

    Sarah Bond
    So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, LLC

  7. @ Chris - Indeed it is and never let them take that from us.

    @ Sarah - Thanks former San Diegan!

    @ pro patria - Thank you for reading.

    @ Mut - Likewise, nice to put a (Mut) face to your site. Keep up the great work.

    @ WMUR - Totally, racist teabaggers!

    @ M Art - Thank you, it was a lot of fun.

    @ Sarah B - Indeed we do! I look forward to getting together with you, Leslie, Charles and Media again soon too. I felt invigorated after meeting all of you.

  8. Thanks for the mention and great coverage!


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