The Left finds the brick throwing mastermind…sort of…

Obama signs a health care bill that is so bad, the democrats in the senate are already working hard to fix the bill even as the presidential ink is drying and the left is bored out of their minds. They are out looking for the brick-throwing mastermind behind the broken DNC windows. Like the Canadian Mounties, the left always find their man, so long as that man fits within the myopic and narrow template that the left has created.

CNN has the details behind the diabolical brick smashing of windows of congressional democrats and offices for the DNC. However, I’m more interested in the man that Think Progress believes is the mastermind behind the brick throwing:

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars is taking credit for inspiring the vandalism, saying that he’s urging people to break Democratic offices’ windows. He insists that he’s not advocating violence.

The left side of the blogging word is crazy-go-nuts. TPM is right in step with Think Progress. There are just a few problems with the theory.

According to news reports, the first incident occurred at congresswoman slaughter’s office not later than 12:30am on Friday. Vanderboegh’s blog post was around 5:30am Friday, after the first bricking. Apparently, Mr. Vanderboegh is so good at inciting window-smashing, his readers were able to anticipate his blog post. The other brickings might have been the result of Vanderboegh’s blog post, except Vanderboegh’s call was to smash windows with rocks, not bricks. His minions don’t seem to be good at following orders, maybe they didn't follow any of them?

Personally, I disagree with this method of protest. It is illegal and entirely counter productive. I certainly don't agree with someone who is trying to incite this kind of behavior. Whoever perpetrated these acts should be caught and prosecuted. However, before we go declaring Vanderboegh the mastermind, you might want to consider the fact that there are a lot of reasons that one might throw a brick at a DNC window. The DNC chairman for Monroe County did:

Chairman Joseph Morelle believes this could be about mayoral control of the RCSD, not health care. And says he has never had vandalism problems there before. He also says this is not an appropriate way to protest.

UPDATED: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit (via Memeo) exposes the 'racist' meme that the press jumped on with nil evidence. Brick-throwing, teabagging wackos, the press can't help themselves, even when the shoe doesn't fit - it still simply must. HotAirPundit also got his hands on two videos that disprove the leftist meme about the word n$gger being used by Tea Party activist.

If the glove doesn't fit, you just ignore the evidence and make it fit - Main Stream Press.


  1. It begins with bricks.

  2. Rebel,

    Nah, this was obviously one of those right-wing nutjobs who read and know the Constitution and cling to their guns and religion. This has the TEA Party written all over it.

    I can just see the Brook's Brothers Brigade, all juiced-up on Metamucil and throwing bricks with all their anti-Obama racist rage!

    I wonder where Olbermann is? He should be covering this!



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